Grumpy Amber NSFW

Amber is in a mood, and her roommate and her friends try to cheer her up. Just kidding, they're going to make her life even worse.

"Uuuugh turn it oooofff," Amber moaned from her perch on Celia's chest. "Don't make me look at this right now. I don't want to see it."

Alena rolled her eyes. "It's just a commercial! Geez, someone can't handle her alcohol..." Still, she hopped off Cassie's lap and onto the table, striding over to the remote and leaning on the power button. The image of Jade's smiling face, lightly brushed in cranberry sauce, vanished off the screen.

Cassie hummed to herself, pulling out her phone to check the time. "Ah, I guess the party did run late. Maybe we should get on our way?"

"No, stay, please!" Celia said. "We haven't had guests over in ages. It's a little crowded, but it's nice. Amber's just grumpy tonight."

Amber moaned her agreement, rolling over and burying her face in Celia's chest. "Unnnnggghhhhhhh."

"Where's that lion girl friend of yours?" Celia asked lightly, stroking Amber with one finger. "I know, Amber, it's been a hard day for you."

"I didn't even get to have a drink, Alena," Amber grumbled. "Cause my boss decided to drop me in someone's shoe while she was popping her heel out of it. And then that someone decided to hit the dance floor."

"I didn't even notice her doing it, or I would have stopped her, really," Cassie said, a hint of regret in her voice.

Amber's head raised to hurl an accusatory glare at Cassie. "Yeah, right. You would have hit the dance floor just as much as she would have! I didn't forget about spending the last office party in your bra!"

"Well..." Cassie cleared her throat. "That's... different. At least I knew you were there and I was taking care-"

"You almost melted me with your coffee! You're just as bad as she is! You're a m-mph!"

Celia cut in, gently tucking Amber into her cleavage to muffle the tiny lamia's oncoming rant. "Um... Lion girl...?"

"Oh, yeah, Louann is here," Alena said brightly. "She's right there."

Celia followed Alena's finger. "That's Cassie, isn't it?"

"Ah, I'm keeping her safe!" Cassie tapped her chest. "She's still not used to being a mouse... Poor thing."

Amber's head poked out of her confines, gasping in a breath. "Why's it always the bras with you bigs? It's all sweaty and sticky in there!"

"It's the safest, most comfortable place you can be!" Cassie said.

Both Amber and Alena laughed derisively at that. Amber was the one to speak. "Have you ever been in a bra? There's nothing comfortable about it!"

Celia put a finger to her cheek. "Well... I've never sat on you on a day where you got stuck in my bra."

"Wow, the world's lowest bar..." Alena muttered. "By that logic, your stomach is the safest place to be, because at least we're not going to get eaten again."

Cassie grinned sheepishly. "I used to say that, you know. Told lots of tinies. Some of them even believed it, and hopped right in."

"Well, it's true for me at least!" Celia laughed. "The safest place you can be is in my first stomach. It's not going to digest you by itself, and nothing can hurt you, because of all the padding!" She patted her chest to demonstrate.

"That's even less safe," Amber snapped. "It gets really rough in there! To say nothing of the fact that you frequently forget who's in there and why! How many times have you brought me back up into your mouth to suck and nibble on, only to swallow me back down even while I'm shouting at you to let me go?"

"Shush." Celia used one finger to push Amber back down into her chest. "... I can only focus on one thing at a time. And your voice is very small."

"Yes, it was probably hard to hear me or remember I was there over your own moaning while getting massages from your work friends." Amber pushed back on Celia's finger with both hands. "Jerk... I missed a call from Jade because of that!"

"Oh? Has she called recently?" Alena asked, a little too eagerly. "She just wrapped up filming for the new season, didn't she? Does she have any plans to visit, maybe?"

"She has... other jobs. She's doing this food truck thing right now for a special episode..." Amber faceplanted into Celia's soft flesh. "Which she told me her Reform Co. contacts thought would be a great opportunity to promote their brand, and that they'd fully support me going and pay whatever costs to get me there, and she wanted me to ride with her..."

"So you'd be going on a paid vacation to be part of an experiment with freaking Jade?! For a special?!" Alena's voice rose to a nearly inaudible pitch. "Why are you still here?!"

"Because it wouldn't be a vacation if I was getting eaten multiple times a day!" Amber glared at her. "You go, if you like it so much!"

"I would, but I'm not as delicious as you!"

"Girls, girls, settle down," Cassie said, patting the air. "You're both equally delicious in your own ways."

"Hear, hear," Celia said.

"Don't want to hear it!" Amber shouted.

Simultaneously, Alena yelled, "Don't patronize me!"