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The letter Minka's therapist wrote to her soon-to-be boss.

Author's note: This is set in Rose's world for our Lancer TTRPG campaign.

Re: Application for Minka Riekert

Dear Captain Rosa Hawkes:

Thank you for taking the time to review the application I submitted on Minka’s behalf. Please let me know promptly if this letter does not answer your questions, or if you have more.

Regarding Minka’s engineering work, I have attached three projects which Minka and I believe are representative of Minka’s skill as a whole. Her Everest-class mech design project is impressive on its own, to say nothing of the NHP assistant that she has custom built and installed. I believe you will also find the simulator mods she has written to be of interest. Her standard-configuration simulator scores are also attached. As you view her scores, please keep in mind the attached standard range for trainees of her age and the fact that she has achieved these scores in merely a few months of training.

Regarding Minka’s history, the attached declassified operation file details the raid in which she was recovered and placed under my care. To my understanding, her former captors are currently undergoing extensive rehabilitation on a station whose identifier I do not have clearance for. I provide this information for context only; it is my belief that this chapter of her past is indeed in her past and does not have any bearing on the Minka we have come to know today. I have also attached records of her community work here at the rehabilitation center.

Finally, about Minka’s behavior. I urge you to look beyond the simulation scores for misbehavior and to see Minka for what she is: a gifted girl who has been scarred by mistreatment in the past. I have been able to guide Minka to where she is today because she is more than the numbers say she is. And I believe she will be an asset to any team she is part of. But I also know that Minka needs the proper balance of care and attention. Too much and she will rebel against it; too little and she will act out to get it. I sent this application to you because I believe wholeheartedly that you can give Minka this balance, and that she will reward your patience and understanding with unbelievable success. Remember that she is more concerned with the appearance of noncompliance than with noncompliance itself, and that she still idolizes authority. Demonstrate to her the principles that we all stand for today as part of Union. I have no doubt that by the end of the first year, you will see the depths of Minka’s potential.


Rylian Treseder, MD

Note: This letter was written by Rose in response.

Dear Doctor Rylian Treseder

I believe it is clear that Miss Riekert is an exceptionally talented individual. It honestly is quite astonishing how such a young girl is able to out perform many adults I have met in her same field. Had I not known better, I might have simply assumed that you were trying to pass off someone else's work as hers in order to be rid of her. However, all available information suggests that Minka is simply an exceptionally gifted child.

I believe that Miss Riekert deserves a fair shot. I also believe that there are few places that will take the risk on her. As such, you may consider this her acceptance letter into the FreeLancers. If what you are saying is true, she would be an exceptionally valuable asset to the team, simply one that needs a more gentle guiding hand than others. Once this current assignment is complete, we will be traveling to your location to resupply and to take her on board, and as such you can expect us in two weeks. If you believe this to be too sudden a change for her, please contact me back immediately so as we do not spend two weeks in blink space for a simple supply run.

Also, if you would, please, see if you can set up a video conference with Wasp. I would like to meet her before she starts living on a ship with my daughter, after all.

Captain Rosa Hawkes