Recap 07i: Painful gut feelings NSFW

Talya and Minka have a heart to heart while gut to gut - or at least Talya's gut to Minka's hands.

OOC note: This recap covers the events of Lancer Session 7.5 - a side session between me and Kait.


I can't believe I accidentally bashed into Talya's door while trying to listen in to her dealing with her stomach.

I was sneaking and slipped on a pair of dog tags (I guess Artemis must have dropped them?) and crashed into the door. Talya made me go in and talk to her and rub her stomach. It was... oof. I'm still blushing just thinking about it.

But we started talking about why she did what she did, and we ended up talking about how I need to have a more nuanced view of good and bad. I guess maybe if Talya is saying it too, Doc was on to something.

Talya really knows how things work. She basically told me that sometimes you have to do things that don't seem right because of what happens if you don't, or because you need to make deals in order to be able to do the right thing. It's kind of like how my crew always said sometimes we gotta do some things we don't wanna do to get the things we do wanna do.

I really don't get it, but Talya does. I'm glad I have her to lean on.

And... to rub her stomach... I'm still in her room, actually, writing this on her bunk while she sleeps. I've been rubbing for who knows how long... I wonder if the signal I sent went out?

Oh! Speaking of signal, the dog tags I found are encrypted. I think they contain the cloning data of their owner, though. I'm going to have to try to crack it and see if I can bring this person back! Talya thinks it's a good idea, so I think it will be okay. And maybe she'll be happy I saved her from that planet?

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