Beach bumNSFW

Katrja is eaten by a sand elemental.

Author's note: Kait said that being eaten by sand was, quote, "not hot." I did my best to make it hot.

The title, however, is Nan's fault.

"Ngk...." Katrja strained to sit up, but she could barely even do that, much less take her glaives in hand again. They lay uselessly out of reach, taunting her as she reached toward them. Her body had taken a pummelling.

The monstrosity shifted under the sands, rising up into a towering feminine form. She bent, picking up Katrja by the neck of her dancing outfit, and lifted her toward her face.

"No more dancing?" she asked, her gravelly voice spraying sand over Katrja.

Katrja winced. "Give me a minute..."

"No more minutes!" the sand-woman shouted, abruptly enraged. She shoved Katrja's head into her mouth.

Where her outer shell was gritty, constantly dribbling sand downward, her insides were strangely soft and warm with geothermal energy. The sand there was wet and packed, much sturdier than her outside, but the sand was finer, too, giving a tender, delicate texture to it all.

In her stomach, Katrja immediately felt the answer to her unspoken question. An elemental has no use for flesh, but it is always hungry for more aether. A sensation not unlike that felt when teleporting began to fill her as the elemental forcibly converted her body into aether. The sand surrounding her tickled as it dribbled in, packing the chamber, making it harder for her to move... fresh water and sand spilling into the chamber with soft whooshes and dribbling sounds. As the sand elemental wandered back toward her home position, the thick mixture that was forming at the bottom of her stomach slopped back and forth, air gurgling up and out of the mix and making Katrja's prison even more binding.

The soft rocking of the delicate inner chamber with each step made it hard for the already-weary Katrja to focus on resistance. Her skin was glowing softly, illuminating the sand.

Tens of thousands of tiny crystals sparkled in the light as they fell past her vision, fading as it was into white...

Maybe this wasn't so bad...