The Littlest LadyNSFW

As punishment for her misdeeds of the night before, Mimi arranges a "special" Little Ladies' Day treat for Sami. But it ends up getting more than a little out of hand...

Author's note: This is based on several jokes exchanged between me and Rose about our characters Sami and Mimi. Although we've done lots of back-and-forths along those lines, I don't think I've written anything with either of them eating the other yet. Let's remedy that, shall we?

Mimi finally pushed past the inn's front desk at 3 AM, resisting the urge to hum a cheerful tune to herself. Sami was busy tonight. And she was being slippery about what it was she was doing... which meant that she was probably out robbing a house somewhere and eating the occupants.

... Not that Mimi was celebrating that poor family's misfortune, of course. Mimi slipped her key into the lock, the mechanism's insides grinding softly against the metal. It just meant that tonight was the first night that Mimi's new girlfriend, Laurena, could use the extra key Mimi had given her. Something that had not slipped Mimi's notice - she'd even made sure Laurena was VERY aware of what this meant.

She hesitated with her hand on the knob so the girls on both sides of the door could savor the anticipation. Her mind wandered, imagining Laurena pulling off that cute purple top that showed a little bit of her belly, the one that Mimi had embroidered before they started dating in order to convince her to wear it more... then, wiggling out of those tight black shorts that showed off her butt... Ohhh!

She couldn't take waiting any longer. She pushed the door open, a beaming grin on her face. Even knowing that she was the one who had set up the surprise, the prospect of being surprised by Laurena's presence had Mimi all kinds of giddy. They could spend a nice night together, without Sami or Laurena's creepy roommate or anyone else interfering. And then they could go to Little Ladies' Day celebrations together, and...

Mimi's train of thought jumped the rails and tumbled into a ditch. Laurena was not here. Her excitement and anticipation had all been for nothing. And after her roommate had all but admitted that she was planning on coming, too... Mimi had gotten her hopes up so high...

As Mimi's initial shock and disappointment faded away, she noticed that the couch had been unfolded into a bed, with messy sheets spread haphazardly across it. ... Strange.

It had been in its normal couch form this morning, when she'd sat on it while waiting for Sami to wake up. She hadn't been back since then. Housekeeping would have closed it when they came in during the day, anyway.

As Mimi's roommate, Sami had a key to their inn room, of course... but refused to use the couch bed as long as the real bed was unoccupied. (And, in most cases, even if the real bed was occupied by Mimi, Sami was in it...) Celie and Reina both had their own rooms with their own beds, and neither had any guests over that Mimi was aware of, nor had they mentioned any concern over the link.

The only person left who would have had access to the room, who would have had any reason to unfold the couch bed... was Laurena, who felt awkward about using Mimi's bed even when Mimi was in it, and doubtless would have unfolded the couch bed to sleep on while she waited for Mimi to get back. Excitement surged into Mimi's veins at the hint of mystery. Maybe she was here and left, thinking Mimi wasn't coming?

No... That was impossible. Mimi carried the lantern she'd been using to get around into the room, holding it up so she could see the bed clearly. It was quite a mess, with sheets kicked aside and a blanket half on the floor. Neat freak Laurena would never leave a mess in her own apartment, much less someone else's room. Not unless she had no other option.

So maybe she left in a panic...? Had she been afraid to stay in Mimi's room alone? Laurena was certainly quite skittish...

A glint of lantern light caught Mimi's eye, drawing her attention to the couch beside the bed. There was her confirmation that Laurena was here at some point - those were Laurena's glasses, neatly folded atop a book on the table. And that disproved the theory that Laurena had been afraid of the room. Laurena was self-conscious about her glasses, and would never have even worn them in the first place unless she was comfortable, settled. Reading a book, perhaps. And she would have taken them off to sleep.

But then what would have startled Laurena so badly that she'd leave her glasses here, leave her bed messy, and still flee with the presence of mind to lock the door behind her?

The growl of a familiar stomach drew Mimi's attention. She had the sinking feeling that the mystery of Laurena's disappearance had just resolved itself.

Mimi straightened, taking her lantern over to the bed. That white-haired mop could only belong to one cat. One cat and one gigantic belly, visible as a shape beneath the blankets.

With her free hand, Mimi jabbed Sami in the shoulder. "Sami, wake up."

"Muh..." Sami's head twisted around to look at Mimi. Judging by the look on Sami's face, the irritated frown on Mimi's had not escaped her notice. "Wuh... what..."

Mimi crossed her arms over her chest. "Is that my girlfriend in there?"

Sami squinted at the lantern's light, her arms shifting around under the blanket. There was a soft squish from her stomach. "No..."

"Sami. Her roommate told me she was going to spend the night with me. To surprise me."

"Mmhmm..." Sami's head found the pillow again, and her eyes closed.

Mimi prodded Sami's shoulder again. "Did you see her?"

Sami made a half-hearted attempt at a thoughtful sound. "Mmm..."

Might as well dispense with the charade. "Did you EAT her?"

The only answer was Sami rolling over onto her stomach, resting her chin on her hands. The new pressure manifested as a massive belch, sending a sticky-wet lace bra splatting onto the bed's headboard.

"Don't lie to me, Sami!" Mimi seized the bra, holding it up. "That IS my girlfriend in there, isn't it!"

"Tummy slop isn't anybody's girlfriend," Sami mumbled, rolling onto her side to face away from Mimi. "Leave me alone... Mommy's trying to sleep..."

"I bought her this bra!" Mimi said, dangling it in front of Sami's face. "So just admit it!"

This roused Sami a little. "Dirty girl. Bad. Mommy's going to have to give you the talk... Lots of girls have that bra... lots of bad girls..."

"Ugh!" Mimi threw up her hands, tossing what was certainly Laurena's bra to the side.

"It's from tonight's dinner... I didn't eat Terri..." Sami mumbled. "Promise..."

Mimi pushed her glasses up to rub the bridge of her nose. "Okay, first of all, that's not her name, that's my last ex. And second of all, you DID eat her, three weeks ago, and that's why I stopped seeing her! I'm dating Laurena. Did you eat Laurena?"

"Nooo... Come get in bed... Cuddle with mommy..." Sami stretched her arms out toward Mimi.

"It sure looks like you did," Mimi muttered, tossing her adventuring gear on the floor and getting into her bunny pajamas. It was unlike Sami to argue so strenuously against such a thing. Maybe there was an explanation for this that would present itself in the morning.

As she pulled back the blanket to climb in, though, she paused. That too-small purple top with the white embroidery that was riding up over Sami's massive stomach... Those short black shorts, unfastened underneath her bulging belly and squishing into her thighs...

"You... You're... You're WEARING her CLOTHES!" Mimi shouted.

"Don't yell," Sami whined, her eyes opening. She reached for the blanket, pulling it back over herself. "It was drafty, so I needed clothes..."


"Mmmm... they were far away... these are kind of small though..." Sami's eyes drifted shut again.

"Of course they're small! They weren't supposed to be big enough for you and her at the same time!" Mimi climbed into bed next to Sami.

"Gimme a belly rub..." Sami pleaded, rolling onto her back. "Tummy is still too full..."

"I have no sympathy for you." Mimi crossed her arms, glaring down at her roommate.

But Mimi had no restraint, either, and Sami's gorgeous stomach called to her. As if compelled, her hands went to Sami's stomach, squishing and squeezing with her fingers. Her head leaned in close to Sami's stomach to listen to the gurgling noises it made.

That's not all she heard, though.

"O... Oh...? Wh... W-Wait, n-" Laurena's weakened muffled voice was suddenly cut off as Mimi's hands squished into the stomach.

Mimi froze up completely, her face burning intensely. She'd thought that Laurena was already too much soup to be recognizable, but...

"There she goes..." Sami said, her voice lost in sleepy bliss. "Thanks, Mimi..."

Mimi sucked in a slow, steadying breath. "Sami, I am so mad at you right now."

"You can be mad and keep rubbing..."

Mimi squealed in frustration, clenching her fists. But all the same, she went back to her ministrations on Sami's stomach. She would get her revenge another time... when Sami was awake to remember it... for now, she'd enjoy her last moments with the soup that used to be Laurena...


Sami crouched against the counter in the room's little kitchen, giving Mimi a pathetic look from beside the sink. "I said I'm sorry, Mimi... I really didn't know this time!"

Mimi ignored her, turning away from her and scrubbing the last of the cookie dough from the scoop.

Sami scurried around to the other side of her, leaning against the counter. "How was I supposed to know that it was your girlfriend? I hadn't even met her! Which is really sad, your own cat mom isn't the first person that you introduce her to? Really, this is your fault, if you think about it!"

"And why do you think I was waiting to tell you about her?" Mimi leaned down, peering at the last sheet of cookies in the oven. "Back up."

Sami scooted back and reached for one of the freshly removed cookies as soon as Mimi set them down. "Those smell really good... These are my favorite..."

Mimi snatched up her spatula, slapping Sami's hand away with it. "Too bad. These are for Little Ladies' Day. And not for rude cat moms who ate my girlfriend!"

"By accident, though!" Sami clasped her hands. "Just one cookie?"

Mimi slipped the spatula under the cookies, setting them on the rack with the others to cool. "I told you to tell me if your plans changed! And who else did you think would be on the couch in our room?!"

"I... I don't know..." Sami traced circles on the counter with her fingertip. "I would have told you my plans changed, but I really was going to go out still! But there was food in the room-"

"There was LAURENA in the room!"

"-and I was sleepy after I ate it, so... I just happened to fall asleep..."

Mimi glared at Sami. "Her. You ate her. She was a person."

"And now she's food!" Sami said brightly. "I didn't realize she smelled like you until after, if that makes it better!"

A frustrated sound bubbled up from the depths of Mimi's throat. "I'm going to go see how Reina and Celie are doing with getting Celie's little sisters ready for the day. Don't. Eat. The cookies. If you do, I'll know." With that, she swept out of the room, slamming the door behind her.

"Ohhh, Sami, don't eat the cookies," Sami muttered to herself. "Who's the mom here, huh?" After listening to make sure that Mimi was out of the room, Sami wandered over to the counter, casually swiping one and stuffing it into her mouth. Mimi wouldn't miss one cookie. There were so many here.

One cookie turned into two. Two turned into four. Sami was going to show Mimi for trying to keep these cookies from her. She was going to eat them all, before Little Ladies' Day even got started!

As Sami strained her arm to reach across the counter for her fifth and sixth cookies, she saw a bottle with a short label on it. The letters, as always, were gibberish... but they were sorta familiar gibberish. It looked a lot like what Sami had reluctantly come to recognize was Mimi's name. But there was only one squiggly black rainbow between the dot-lines. Weren't there usually two?

Sami laughed, spraying crumbs out of her mouth and across the floor. Mimi didn't even write her name right on her bottle of... whatever this was a bottle of! Cookie making juice, probably.

She reached up on tiptoe to reach the next few cookies. These ones were a lot bigger than the first ones, and barely fit in her hands, but she came away with three of them, victorious. She took her time chomping away at them, leaning against the counter. It was a comfortable height for her, so she could rest her head on the cabinet and... No, she must have been standing weird. Now she couldn't figure out how she had done that before.

She couldn't reach the other cookies, either. If she jumped and grabbed, she could just... hook her fingers into the rack and-

The rack came down with a clatter, and massive, plate-sized cookies rained down on top of Sami, falling on her head and into her lap.

Well, that would do just fine. Sami patted her already-swollen belly, encouraging it onward. She was going to finish every single one of Mimi's cookies, and then they would see who was punishing who.


Constance looked adorable in the little dress Mimi had sewn for her. Mimi, Celie, and Reina took turns cooing over her and getting her crown ready.

And then Mimi decided she'd waited long enough. "Actually, Constance, I have an even more special surprise for you, since you made this trip all the way to the surface for us. Would you like to see it?"

Constance eyed Mimi curiously. "Mmm... What kind of surprise?"

"A very special doll!" Mimi said, offering her hand. "Come look!"

The Elezen girl took Mimi's hand timidly, letting Mimi lead her down the hallway into her inn room.

"She's right h..." Mimi froze. The cookies were completely gone. How had Sami even...

No, there they were. On the floor. Most of them had smashed on impact. But Mimi could get a general idea of how many were missing. It was far too large a number.

"... You know what, Constance?" Mimi gently shooed Constance back out the door. "I need to clean up this mess. I'm sorry, your surprise isn't ready yet. But I promise you I'll get a special doll for you later."

"Okay..." Constance was understandably skeptical, but made her way back to her older sister's room.

Mimi closed the door. Now that the little girl was dealt with... back to her panic attack. Where was Sami? Was she already so tiny she couldn't be seen?

Wait... there, amid the cookie debris. A tiny catgirl, maybe a few ilms tall. Sami was hiding from view of the door, but still chewing away at one of the cookies, even though it was bigger than her.

Mimi rushed over, scooping Sami up and away from the cookies. "Stop! Stop eating those! Don't you see what's happening to you?!"

"Did you do this to me?!" Sami's voice was much tinier now, to go with her much-reduced body size. "Why would you do that to cookies for Little Ladies' Day?!"

"They're not for Little Ladies' Day, they're for you," Mimi admitted. "I knew you wouldn't resist. But I figured you'd stop after three or four cookies!"

"I knew they were for me," Sami said, sucking the crumbs off her fingers with an air of satisfaction.

Mimi rolled her eyes. "They were for you as a punishment!"


"I was going to shrink you and let Constance play with you for the week and a half she's here-"

"Week and a half?!" Sami squealed. "I'm stuck like this for a week and a half?!"

Mimi put her free hand to her forehead. "With how many cookies you ate? You're lucky if you go back to normal in the next month! I specifically got a potion that was weak but would last a long time, because I figured you would stop when you saw that you were shrinking! And you had way too much of it!"

Sami was furious... adorable as it was in her new, high-pitched tiny voice. "I can't believe you poisoned your own cat mom with shrinking potion! In her favorite cookies! For a month! Do you know how terrible that is? You should go to jail! Turn me back, and I'll use my tummy as the jail! I should make you eat all these cookies! Only you don't even LIKE th-"

Mimi stuffed Sami into the pocket of her apron, silencing (or at least muffling) the complaining for the time being. "I don't have time to deal with this, okay? The festival starts soon! Just... stay in there, stay quiet, and I'll... figure something out. Later."

Celie and Constance were waiting outside Mimi's door. "Is everything well?" Celie asked. "Would you tell me of this surprise? Constance was asking."

"It's a long story, but it has to do with why Sami isn't coming with us." Mimi fidgeted with one of her braids. "Can you go get the others and we'll talk on the way? We need to leave now if we're going to get to the festival when it starts, and... I need to make a detour now."


"No shrinking potion antidotes, no temporary growth potions, no aetheric solvents... nothing?" Mimi leaned over the counter. "Please. I'm begging you. Check again."

"It would be here, miss, and it isn't," the guild supplier said, tapping her inventory sheet. "Most of those would not be in our usual stock, anyway, as they're special order-"

Mimi perked up. "Well, can you special order something? How fast can you get it together?"

"You'd have to go on the back of the queue." The supplier lifted the inventory sheet to peer at the queue. "We would get to your order in about two months."

Mimi's shoulders sank. "Ugh... Never mind..."

She reached into her pocket, pulling Sami out. "Bad news..."

"Do you ever clean that thing out?" Sami protested, all too eager to clamber into Mimi's hand after her harrowing experience with the inside of Mimi's just-in-case apron pocket. "Turn me back already!"

"If I could, I would, but I can't!" Mimi poked at Sami with her other hand. "You should have listened to me! If you had just not eaten the cookies like I said, you would still be your usual size! Now there's nothing I can give you, the alchemists' guild is all out!"

"Don't make this my fault!" Sami stood up on Mimi's palm, puffing out her tiny chest and putting her little hands on her little hips. "You're the one who tricked me into eating poisoned cookies by telling me not to! Now bring me back to normal!"

"You-" Mimi paused on her way out of the alchemy guild, a dawning realization slowing her footsteps. "Bring you back..."

"Yes. Bring me back. To normal." Sami said.

Mimi put a finger to her lips. Her stomach groaned softly. "Maybe I do have a way..."

"Good. Get to it!"

Mimi felt guilty even thinking about this. But... Sami was impatient to be turned back to her usual size. No one wanted Sami to be two ilms tall for the next two months... Not Mimi, not Sami, not anyone else...

In a trance, Mimi pinched Sami's body between her thumb and her forefinger and lifted the tiny girl up over her head.

"Wait... What are you doing?" Sami's tiny voice had a note of alarm in it now. "Mimi?"

"When I Raise you, you'll be good as new," Mimi said softly. She opened her lips, her tongue lolling out and waiting eagerly for its snack.

Sami squeaked. "M-Mimi?? Wai-"

Mimi tucked Sami into her tongue, slurping her out of the grasp of her fingers. When her fingers came out of her mouth, slick and shiny from saliva, Sami was gone. Well, not gone, not yet. But tucked into Mimi's cheek, ready to be swallowed.

Oh, this was terrible. Even Sami didn't deserve to be eaten alive, not even after all the girls she'd eaten... Mimi was going to feel horribly guilty all day, thinking about this. Did she really want to go through with it?

It was for the best. For Sami... and, much as she hated to admit it, for Mimi. That flavor - that savory, meaty flavor still coated in the sugary-salty cookie crumbs - was bliss.

Mimi didn't make a habit of eating tinies. And savoring tinies, even less so. When Sami pressured her into swallowing them, Mimi gulped them down before they'd even settled on her tongue, not wanting to prolong their suffering any longer than she had to. And she usually tried to spit them back up and let them go, too.

But this tiny... Sami tasted too good. Too good to swallow quickly, and too good to let go. Mimi's stomach whined impatiently, eager to have a crack at the tiny girl.

No. This was for Sami's own good. Shame flooded Mimi's cheeks as she realized what she was thinking about. Sami must be terrified right now. Mimi could feel her mouthful of cat mom clinging to her tongue with her arms and legs, desperately trying to keep from being swallowed. Squirming as Mimi's tongue bucked around, pinned her to the roof of Mimi's mouth to lick her. Straining for the opening of Mimi's lips, jerking back when Mimi's teeth shifted position to be closer together. Twitching in a panic as she slipped closer to the back of Mimi's throat.

Mimi should not be enjoying this. She shouldn't be. It was wrong, absolutely wrong.

But she was.

She swallowed hard, a noisy GULP, as much to prevent any further temptation as to limit Sami's suffering.

But terrible thoughts still bubbled through her mind, imagining what Sami must be experiencing inside Mimi's throat, attentively following every ilm of the Sami-bulge's progress down her throat and into her stomach. Culminating in a splash she felt rather than heard, as Sami crash-landed in Mimi's belly.

Mimi couldn't hear Sami's complaints over the bustle of the city, although she was absolutely sure Sami was complaining. She could feel Sami's protests, however, in the form of whatever small resistance Sami could muster against a stomach only barely big enough for her to fit into. The temptation to lift up her shirt and see if Sami made a visible bulge was strong. To listen to the sloshings of her own stomach the way she had listened to Sami's so many times. But Mimi was sure that if she did that, she'd only be enjoying having Sami as a morning snack even more. Wrong. Wrong, wrong, wrong. What was wrong with her? This was a grim duty, not a pleasure...

"Ah, you are back. Shall we go on to the festival now?" Celie asked from beside Mimi.

"It's for her own good!" Mimi squeaked, startled and frazzled. "I'm not happy I had to do it!"

"Ah, oui," Celie said, smiling. "I thought you might have."

Mimi's blush deepened. "Have what? I didn't do anything! Sami will be fine! Don't ask!"

Celie laughed, patting Mimi on the back. "We should go, non? We will miss the parade!"

Mimi nodded. Calm down, Mimi. Don't let this get under your skin. You did what you had to do, that's all. Her fingers, though, rested on her apron, over her stomach, where she could feel Sami's struggles more directly.

Try as she might, she couldn't let go of her fascination with Sami's fate...

By the end of the parade, Sami had stopped moving. Mimi thought she might have succumbed, so she got herself a frozen treat... But quickly found that Sami was still awake, if weak, inside of her. She thought she could hear her stomach growling, gurgling. Making a mess of Sami, just as Sami had made a mess of Laurena.

Was it just her imagination?

It was little more than half an hour later, when everyone was admiring the floral displays, that Mimi realized that Sami had stopped moving again. And this time, when Mimi probed for her, her fingers squished into her stomach easily.

Mimi hastily excused herself from the celebration, poking at her stomach thoroughly from a safely hidden corner. Horror at what she'd done mixed with guilty delight and shameful excitement the more she was unable to find Sami. It was undeniable: Sami was gone now, well on her way to becoming part of Mimi.

The thought was altogether too exciting. Mimi tied a string around her finger, cinching it tightly to distract from the pleasurable feeling radiating outward from her contented belly. She shouldn't be thinking about this, she needed to remember to Raise Sami. Later. Later. She'd do it later. Sami needed to complete her trip into Mimi's body first, after all...