About Reya

Eh? You want to know about me??

What you see is what you get. I'm just a gal who loves tormenting her friends! I'm Reya C.! (But you know, I can't let you live. Your adventuring days are coming to an end!)

... Is that response not satisfying enough?

Okay, then. I'm a bi lesbian trans woman named Mari from New York. I've been writing fiction stuff in various forms as a hobby since somewhere around 2003. And I've been publishing vore stuff since around 2010. Those of you who have been on Eka's Portal may know me as DeliciousReya, formerly fragbers, and I've also been on Tumblr as deliciousreya and Twitter as @DeliciousReya. I work in software for a day job.

I've been interested in stories, technology, and teaching since I was a child. When I was three years old I was teaching my older family members how to start Windows 3.1 ("w-i-n Enter!"). I started learning programming with a BASIC book given to me by a teacher to shut me up in first grade, and have loved it ever since. And stories have been part of my life from when I was writing my first fanfiction at 7 years old (Ocarina of Time! No, it's not on this site.), to taking a creative writing class at 13, to constant roleplaying in my late teens and early adulthood.

A love of language has naturally come with a love of stories and storytelling (and programming, for that matter), and Japanese was the natural choice - my communities have been surrounded by Japanese people and media for a long time now. When I was in high school it was the Japanese players in Final Fantasy XI and the anime and manga my friends loved (and the J-pop and Japanese video games I fell in love with). In my adulthood I added the Japanese vore community and size-related creators. Those experiences led me to learn Japanese and make friends in Japan, and although I still hope to someday move there and spend some time enhancing my language skills through immersion, I'm currently planning to stay in the US for the foreseeable future.

I love pushing people's buttons. Bullying my friends with the things they like is my favorite pastime. I'm working on getting comfortable with having my buttons pushed!

My roleplay persona, Reya, is a catgirl with black hair/fur, and... that's about it as far as consistent traits for her go. Is she taller than average? Does she only come up to your thigh? Is she eloquent and thoughtful? Is she dominant and scary? Is she shy and preyish? Does she even talk at all? Are there a million of her? Is she just a normal girl? Is she pudgy? Scrawny? Tanned? Pale? ... It really depends on the story.

Lately, the most common Reya is the one from the Nexus City College universe. There, she's a junior in the math program with a habit of gambling and a raw confidence she absolutely does not deserve, but which (combined with her incredible luck) often gets her out of situations that should be the end of her.

Interaction Preferences

I don't mind if you talk to me as me, the human behind the keyboard. I don't mind if you talk to me as Reya, either. But, please, try to keep the line between them as clear as you can. And be respectful! Even Reya would rather just block you if you're going to be rude or drool too obviously over her.

Remember, if you're under 18, or you can't handle what you might hear back, please don't interact. You should get older. It just takes time. You should also return to the SFW version of this page.

That said, if we're playing and I say something that makes you uncomfortable, please let me know as soon as you can. I love making characters uncomfortable for the sake of exciting their players. But anything that makes the player uncomfortable is No Good. So let me know - I won't be upset, I'll be glad you told me! We can stop right there, rewind and replay the unpleasant moments without the unpleasantness, or even leave it be and just continue more cautiously, whatever works for you.

With that out of the way, here are some elements I really like!


These are the things I absolutely love doing, and you’ll never see me complain about them.

  • Playing as pred
  • Playing as prey
  • F/F interactions
  • Soft, oral vore
  • Same-size vore
  • Unwilling or semi-willing (seduction, entrancement, mixed feelings, etc.) prey
  • Fatal digestion
  • Post-vore weight gain
  • Melting wax type digestion (softening)
  • Aphrodisiac or comfortable stomachs
  • Sexual situations and moods, especially for entrapping prey or reducing their resistance
  • Feet, particularly foot worship, footjobs, and tickling/lickling
  • Lips and kisses, especially hypnotic kisses
  • Hypnosis, mind control, possession, and other forms of out-of-character behavior
  • Humans, fantasy humanoids (elves/fairies/angels/demons/androids/etc.), demi-humans (catpeople, monster girls, etc.)
  • Teasy, dominant preds
  • Petite characters
  • Chubby characters
  • Bratty characters
  • Dominance situations - bondage, laves/pets, etc.
  • Peril situations - damsels in distress, kidnappings, etc.
  • Dominance reversals
  • Perverted characters being caught out and teased and/or punished
  • Games and gambling with vore stakes


These are the things I enjoy, but don’t have nearly the same undying love for.

  • F/M and M/F interactions
  • Unbirth or cock vore
  • Micro characters
  • Foodplay
  • Stuffing
  • Digestion with reformation
  • Endo (safe vore)
  • Healing stomachs
  • Unwilling predators or willing prey
  • Soul vore/soul digestion
  • Small (1-4ft) characters (as pred, prey, or both)
  • Large (7-10ft) characters (as pred or prey)
  • Licking and mouthplay
  • Stomachaches
  • Food transformation (especially candies)
  • Object transformation (especially shoes etc.)
  • Cruel preds
  • Sexual acts in play, so long as they're not the focus
  • Lightly painful digestion


These are things that I can occasionally enjoy for some extra variety, but generally only have brief whims for.

  • Anal vore, breast vore, or tail vore
  • Light, non-graphic cooking
  • Macro characters
  • Accidental vore
  • Highly sexualized female characters or musclebound male characters
  • Painful digestion
  • Realistic digestion


These are things that I don’t like, or need a special relationship with someone to do them with that person. Nothing against them, they’re just not to my interest. If you send me something involving one of these, I will probably ignore it; please don’t be insulted, but please also don’t keep bugging me about it.

  • Especially unusual types of vore
  • Megaviolence (raw hard vore, blood, graphic digestion)
  • Grossness/disgusting things (bad smells, etc.)
  • Anthros, non-humanoids, or non-sentients
  • In-depth scat/watersports
  • Extensive, explicitly depicted sex acts
  • Real-life vore (involving the players, celebrities, or other people who actually exist)