da[T]a recoveryNSFW

2B network-devours the helpless android reader.

Author's note: Just a short little gag I did for my friends over Discord since I'm playing Nier:Automata.

Content warning for fatal F/reader data vore.

Imagine being a diligent YoRHa android, fighting your best against the machine organism scourge.

Facing down the enemy, you finally collapse, your body no longer able to move but your black box functional and your mind conscious. You can't reach Command to upload your data and self-destruct, but there's still a chance someone detects your signal and finds you...

Out of nowhere, you see a sign of hope finally... A beautiful YoRHa android cresting a hill, coming into view. It's the famed 2B that you've heard so much about. And better still - she sees you! She's coming toward you!

You try to communicate with her that you're alive. That your body is badly injured, but you're still in here. And for a moment, it seems like she even knows it. She even connected with your black box signal for a moment.

"Just another dead android," she tells the scanner unit searching the area behind her, and fear fills you. You've heard of this. Of androids who will happily override the life signal of their prey and devour and absorb them, body and mind both. You don't want this - you don't want your memories to be devoured with you. You don't want to be eaten alive. You try to self-destruct - at least then you'll be able to wake up, even if you won't remember this.

But you can't. She's disabled your self-destruct permissions somehow. So all you can do is stare into her mouth, into the darkness of her throat, as she lifts you up, and then you feel your body start to tingle and dissolve as your components go offline, and then you can't sense anything, you're being transmitted across the link, your processes are taken on as a slave process inside her core, and she begins copying your data out of you against your will, keeping your mind running just so that you can feel this happening and know what she's doing to you. You think you've earned something by gaining access to her senses, but all it gives you is the chance to see, from her perspective, her satisfaction, the way she licks her lips and wipes her mouth and grunts her satisfaction, rubbing her belly.

"Huh. There was a black box signal in the area, but it's gone now. 2B... We were too late."
"Let's keep looking. We might still find others."

It's the last thing you hear before she disables your processes and deletes you entirely. Command will reissue your unit identifier to a new android who looks like you, acts like you, but you? You're gone for good...