Slushy texture, tart and sourNSFW

A vorish joke story about comparing prey to smoothies. Ft. Nicole and Sophia.

Author's note: Contains digestion and references to scat and disposal. Based on this conversation:
Ssubby: TS: Blueberries, Lemon Juice, Ice, Goat Milk Yogurt, Strawberry Syrup, Milk. Slushy texture, tart and sour, but the sweetness balances it out some. 5/10
Reya: slushy texture tart and sour is how I describe meals who are mostly digested and being grumpy about it

This morning, Nicole's breakfast is disagreeing with her.

It's not to say that most of her breakfasts go down easy. Most of them put up a considerable fight, giving more of a stomachache to Nicole than her current meal. It's just that by this point in their digestion, most breakfasts are no longer conscious and capable of complaining.

Sophia is an exception. Despite being soft and barely maintaining her shape, she's still talking. And all of that talking is sass. "Nice work, Nicole. Maybe if I was still outside your stomach, I'd have helped you cram. I remembered the homework and I did it, every single class. I probably even got it right. I think I was pretty good at this stuff! Wouldn't that be nice? Having me to help you with your homework? To help you study? So you wouldn't be stuck now?"

"Sophie, can you please shut up?" Nicole grunts quietly to her stomach. She's rather wishing she hadn't taken the challenge one of her listeners sent in, to let her next meal melt naturally rather than squishing them. "I'm trying to concentrate on this exam."

There's a soft burbling that she can feel rising through her guts - apparently the sound of Sophia's frustration. This is not the way to get Sophia to shut up, apparently. "Oh, I'm sorry, am I interfering with your ability to take the test? In the class we share? Well, gosh, that would just make me a terrible friend, wouldn't it? If I were to do something to my friend that made her unable to take a test, I'd be so awful."

"You are halfway in my intestines," Nicole hisses, her pencil slipping. She hastily erases the stray mark, glaring down at her stomach. "How are you even still talking?"

"Gosh, you know, I guess there's no explanation. Maybe it's just karma." Sophia has a harsh edge to her voice. There's another buildup of pressure in her stomach, and Nicole lets out a soft, airy burp between her lips. "The universe not wanting to reward you for eating your friend - who trusted you, and admired you - for breakfast, maybe."

Nicole closes her eyes. She just has to focus on this test. She's gotten through worse stomachaches than this. She just has to get through the questions she missed in the multiple choice section, and then turn it in. The only problem is how many of those questions there were...

More pressure builds in Nicole's middle. She squirms uncomfortably in her seat. She's getting looks from the other students - and from the TA proctoring, who's coming closer. "If you get me in trouble, I swear..."

"You'll what, Nikki? Eat me?" Sophia makes a burbly laugh. Her voice is losing its consistency as she gets closer and closer to losing all form. "Bit late for that, isn't it?"

Nicole is having trouble concentrating on the test, let alone coming up with a proper threat. And to think, eating Sophia was supposed to be good luck for this test, on the long-held superstition at the school that while brains don't get transferred on digestion, a little bit of that meal's spark remains in their predator for a few days. "You're being a little shit right now."

"As opposed to later," Sophia fires back immediately. She's not even solid enough to move around in Nicole's belly, and Nicole can feel the telltale pressure in her intestines that suggests that part of her is well ahead. What is this supernatural endurance...? "When I'll be big enough to make you wish you'd gone for a smoothie for breakfast."

"Miss Andersson, if you don't mind, your stomach is somewhat disturbing the other students," the TA whispers in her ear. "Just deal with it, please?"

"Right, sorry, I'll go," Nicole mutters, handing over the test. Fuck it. Her grades in this class are adequate, and one bad test won't kill them. It's not like the answers to these tough questions are going to come to her anytime soon - especially not with Sophia being loud all period. She gets to her feet, slinging her backpack over her shoulder.

Her meal bubbles ominously in her guts, and Nicole feels a twinge of pain from the way her stomach bloats. She just barely makes it out of the classroom and shuts the door before she's forced to release a belch that rattles the door on its hinges.

"There, that ought to do it," Nicole says finally, straightening her shirt and striding past stunned freshmen. "God, thought that was going to go on forever."

"Haaa... Ha haaa... Barely... Even felt..."

Nicole squeezes her eyes shut. Why this? Why her?



The grading of the tests doesn't take long. Just long enough for Nicole's body to finish taking its nutrition from Sophia's. It was another hour after she left the lecture hall before Sophia finally shut up, and another six hours before she finally left. And, hellishly, her threat about making Nicole long for having chosen a different breakfast had come true. So now, when the email with the grades comes in, Nicole is sore and tired and her stomach still aches from the major workout it just got - but at least she's got a nice soft ass to sit on, some extra pudge around her belly to threaten freshmen with, and a huge story to share with her listeners on her next podcast episode. She stretches out on her friend's couch to read the email.

Her stomach drops, and she reads a line aloud. "As you know, the school's official policy for academic integrity prohibits communication with another member of the same class during a test by any means, including talking to your stomach. Contact with other students has revealed that you had eaten the missing student on the same day as the exam and were talking with her through the exam. As this is only a first offense, and it is clear you weren't receiving any help from Sophia, your punishment will only extend to zeroing your score on the exam - what?! But if you know I wasn't getting help--! Ugh, I was already going to have to work hard in this class, now I'm going to need extra credit..." She jabs a finger into her stomach. "Even after you finally melted, you're still ruining this test for me!"

"That's why you have to stick to eating girls you don't share any classes with," Reya says, a smug grin on her face. "Also, it probably wouldn't hurt to let the TAs enjoy the fruits of your meal. Bribe them away with softness." She reaches over and pinches Nicole's now-flabby belly, beaming obnoxiously.

Her hand starts to wander toward Nicole's chest, and Nicole slaps it away. "We don't share any classes," Nicole grumbles, still annoyed about this revelation and not at all in the mood.

"Oh, I know, I'm saving you for later," Reya says cheerily, apparently missing the undertone of threat in Nicole's voice.

Nicole stands up. A bad grade for bullshit reasons is always helped by some comfort food...