Recap 05: Teaming Up with ApexNSFW

The crew teams up with Artemis, one of the girls from the Apex, to try to take down the massive aquatic snake woman defending the station.

OOC note: This recap covers the events of Lancer Session 5.


There's an Apex girl sitting a few feet away as I write this.

Her tummy is apparently full of her competition which includes us (not that we're in her tummy but just that we are also her competition) and I am FREAKing out!

She made a loud burp and I kinda zoned out, so I don't remember a whole lot, to be honest...

Um, I should back up. Lots of the tracking indicators I'd placed on the other hunters started disappearing in a hurry. When we got closer, all that was left was the Apex girl - Artemis, apparently, the girl that Evi ate before - and even her mech was really messed up.

Apparently a giant aquatic snake lady - a Dalamudur, apparently, something that can regenerate from wounds and keep on growing and live for centuries, or at least a human fused with one - attacked her and devoured most of the Apex crew, the girls they were fighting with, and everyone else in her way.

She didn't want to help us at first, but after Talya shrewdly negotiated us giving away 60% of the profits to the Apex, she decided she'd charge up her Apocalypse Rail while we try not to get eaten, and we'd keep it busy and try to keep it in range of the blast.

And before you think I'm being sarcastic, I'm not. She's an Apex girl. I would have probably ended up giving her 100% and a passkey to my room so she can stop by and eat me whenever she feels like.

... Um, because she's intimidating, not because... You know what, never mind. There's more important stuff to worry about right now!

--- END ENTRY: 05-teaming-up-with-apex ---