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(Never finished) Rose is unfortunate enough to walk into the dorm room where Rin has just finished eating her girlfriend Reya - and Nicole has been dispatched to make sure there aren't any witnesses. Vore ensues?!

Author's note: This is filling in the gap in Sneaking Around. There was a consensus that feeding my girlfriend's avatar to a certain podcaster offscreen was considered rude - so this story brings it on screen. Just a short vore story to fill out the scenario!

I don't know if this came out how I originally planned it, and I ultimately ended up not finishing it. Here is what was written of it.

Rose knocks at the dorm door a third time, weary from her swimming practice, vaguely uncomfortable from having her wet swimsuit under her clothes, and looking forward to getting a proper shower before joining the rest of the group. Definitely ready to relax. Reya hasn't been responding to her, which is slightly worrying, but she's probably just getting ready for and then holding the party.

"I'll get it!" comes from the inside of the dorm room.

The dorm room door opens, revealing a familiar short, pudgy sophomore with pink heart-shaped sunglasses and a pink athletic jacket. Nicole Andersson, Reya's friend - and maybe, after this meeting, Rose's friend too. Nicole looks Rose up and down. "Hey Rose! You're just in time for dinner!"

Rose smiles awkwardly at the phrase. It sees equal use as a celebration and as a threat... so she's unsure which this is. "Hi Nicole! Um..." She pauses, not wanting to enter the dorm room just yet, and peers around its interior. Where IS she? Don't tell me... "... do you know where Reya is? She hasn't been anwering my-"

Rose cuts herself off, noticing a shift in how Nicole is holding her weight. That's not good.

Sure enough, Nicole lunges, pulling her into the dorm room. Rose yelps in shock, trying to jerk herself free. "... Hey! Get... off, n-mmff!"

It doesn't do her a lot of good, though, and before long, her head is immersed in tight, slippery, wet darkness. Even with the vague sense of unease she had about Reya's silence and Nicole's approach, Nicole has the upper hand. I wasn't coming here looking for a fight - especially not from her! She wrenches herself forward and backward, but all she accomplishes is helping Nicole move her into the dorm room. The sound of the dorm room door closing and being locked is muffled, but unmistakable.

That's really not good!

The demi-fox's body is starting to fill up with panic. Panic brings speed, but it comes at the cost of intention and power. She rains blows down on the sophomore's head and shoulders - but Nicole just shrugs them off, contentedly gulping and drawing her prey's shoulders in. Now Rose is at an even worse disadvantage... with her shoulders no longer able to swing freely, bringing any force to bear on Nicole is going to be impossible even if her brain wasn't in hyperactive self-defense mode.

The feeling of Nicole's wet maw soaking into her boobs through her shirt and her still-damp swimsuit is not as pleasant as having someone's mouth directly on them, to say the least. But at least there IS a shirt. Nicole is in a rush - some part of her brain that isn't on ultra-high alert calmly informs Rose that her digestion was not planned and had to be hastily arranged, which is... not comforting, exactly. Being digested because you accidentally got in the way of something or someone makes you just as pudge as being digested because you were selected. But it's a relief to know she's not being humiliatingly stripped naked along the way.

Maybe she'll still have some of her dignity when she gets out of here. If she gets out of here. Her escape streak is unbroken so far... but you only need to fail to get out once, right?

As if on cue, Nicole moans delightedly, and another swallow reverberates through the podcaster's body.

That's enough to send the only calm part of her brain devolving into screaming along with all of the other parts of her brain. Her legs are kicking, but not at anywhere on Nicole in particular - not really at Nicole at all. Her heart beats rapidly, but there's nothing for her to do but continue to dive down Nicole's throat. Her limbs are getting heavier and heavier as she uses up her energy trying uselessly to fight... normally she's closer to escape than this by the time she gets this tired.

But the swim practice was recent, and she's always vulnerable after those. That's why she was planning to come straight to Reya's, where she'd be safe. She thought, anyway. But Reya doesn't seem to be here. She must have been here to let Nicole in - which means Nicole or her friend Rin must be responsible for Reya's absence.

The realization that Reya must have been digested by one of them (probably Rin, since Nicole's stomach is mostly empty aside from what feels like some tortilla chip fragments and a small pool of acid) sinks in slowly. And with it comes the first seed of a terrifying new flower.

I can't get out. The thought is quiet when it first appears, just a whisper of doubt.

As Nicole gives Rose's ass a smack and her tail stands straight up in shock, Rose realizes she can't reach the floor anymore. Her uppr half is starting to curl up, too. Nicole is lifting her body up, and once she's working against gravity she has no chance, no chance in hell. Not unless Nicole voluntarily releases her.

I can't get out! It grows in strength quickly as the evidence mounts that her escape attempts are a fool's errand, now sprouting tendrils of fear that take root in her heart.

As Rose's thighs slide down into Nicole's throat, the demi-fox can barely even summon the energy to kick them uselessly in the air. She's too tired from swimming, too tired from fighting, and too far off her guard. If Reya were here, she'd no doubt help Rose out, but... well, the fact that Rose is three-quarters of the way to becoming Nicole's latest snack is proof enough that Reya's not here.

I can't... get out... It matures into brambles that wrap themselves entirely around Rose's heart, smothering the hope there.

Rose doesn't even try to resist as Nicole takes her time with the final swallows, at last getting a taste of some skin after tossing Rose's shoes aside.

Nicole tips her head back and lets Rose's feet disappear into her gullet by gravity, barely even swallowing at all.

"Glkk... mnn... Yeah... that was exactly what I needed," Nicole moans, a long, contented sigh spilling out of her. She reaches down, lifting her gut lightly. "Uh... sorry. I had a small lunch..."

Rose doesn't answer. The stress has driven her to mind and body to completely shut down. I can't fight this... I can't fight this! plays on loop in Rose's head as her body goes limp, letting her head rest against the stomach wall. Her hair is still cold from the rinse she got after her swim, and the stark contrast to the intensely warm stomach air makes her shiver. Well, not to worry. It'll warm up soon enough in here... unfortunately.

"It's too bad, I didn't really get to taste you all the way down," Nicole teases, trying to goad a reaction out of her prey. "You mostly tasted like pool and cloth. Reya talked your flavor up so much, too... Kind of a waste!" She lowers her voice to a playful murmur. "I really liked what I did taste, though."

Still Rose stays quiet. She takes a few deep breaths to calm herself - though the air inside Nicole is thick and sour-tasting, reminding her of her predicament. This looks bad. But nothing is truly hopeless until you give up. There has to be something I can do.

"Ah... Nothing to say?" Nicole asks. She prods at her stomach, confused. She sounds genuinely disappointed, Rose notes. "You'll fill me up the same either way, I guess..."

The demi-fox's mind sets Nicole's disappointment aside and gets to racing now. Racing through her options. Through anything she can think of... Her limbs are too heavy to cause a big ruckus, and Nicole is clearly too hungry to let a stomachache deprive her of a meal. She's in no condition to be climbing out of the stomach, and Nicole is probably well rested enough to give her a solid run for her escape - it'll certainly take long enough for her to be completely melted.

There's no way she can win a physical confrontation in this state. And no other option but to wait it out and let Nicole's gut do its thing.

"Reya talked about you, too," Rose says, looking down at the small but growing puddle of acid at her feet. "She said. You were dangerous, even to your friends."

Nicole's grin is audible in her voice. "She said that about me? She's sweet... And she's right~ ... Uh, that is, she was..."

"'Was'? How did you digest her that quickly?" Rose wonders aloud, half wondering if her own fate will be just as quick.

The stomach shudders with the impact as Nicole settles down in a chair, the acids splashing around and sizzling against Rose's clothing. "It wasn't me. That was Rin. I just helped with, um... squishing her."

"Huh." Rose says, her mind distant. If I'd known she was planning on getting eaten today, I would have had her for a big lunch to prepare for my workout... Maybe with the extra protein I could have taken Nicole.

"Sorry, I won't be reuniting you two~"

Rose's mind is already adrift again. There was a time a few weeks ago when one of Reya's cousins had teased her similarly, joking about how if she wants to be with Reya forever, she'd better eat her herself, or they're definitely going to end up in different stomachs. She'd spent most of that family outing playing with Reya's little cousins, though. They were sweet, and they reminded her of when Kaycee was younger.

Kaycee... I guess you really do get my stuff. Back before freshman year, her bratty little sister had smugly announced that she was getting Rose's things when (not if) she got digested at college. Rose had noogied the little dork and told her she wasn't getting jack, because Rose was the toughest predator on campus. At which point Kaycee had argued that she was a way tougher predator, and it had devolved into chasing and tickle fights to establish dominance.

Nicole speaks up, briefly interrupting Rose's reverie. "... Anyway, if you don't have anything else to say, I'm gonna edit the next episode of Down the Hatch. Nice eating you~"

Rose barely pays her any mind, letting the memories distract her from her situation. Of course, Kaycee isn't really that predatory - at her age, it would be quite abnormal. But she wants to try, to be like her older sisters, and she's been practicing. With proper predatory training dummies now, not like before.

Ah, yes, that incident... Rose smiles, lost in an old memory. The hospital visit makes the memory clearer. Kaycee'd eaten one of their littlest sister's dolls. She hadn't been able to keep even that inanimate prey down, though, because the doll's plastic head had gotten stuck in her intestines. The doctor had mentioned that an object that obstructs the flow of the intestines may trigger vomiting to try to remove the obstruction, and that Kaycee was fortunate that the doll had come out with her puking - otherwise she might have needed surgery to remove it. Swallowing indigestible objects is a big no-no.

But. I'm very digestible, Rose thinks, eyes squeezing shut for a moment. The closest thing to indigestible is my swimsuit, and even that will be mostly melted by the time I finish going through her...

... Rose sits up, her eyes snapping open. My swimsuit!

She's still wearing it under her clothes, and despite her rinse it's still pretty well infused with chlorinated water. Her skin feels so dry, too - the pool must have been recently chlorinated, and the chlorine feeling is quite strong.

Quick calculations race through her mind. The stomach is filling up with acid now, and it won't be long before her clothes are soaking in it, swimsuit and all. The swimsuit needs to be reasonably whole or it won't block the intestines and this plan won't work. Time to get naked in here.

Rose quickly pops open her buttons and writhes in the stomach, wriggling out of her blouse. Her favorite casual skirt is next to go - it's not easy pulling it down in the sophomore podcaster's sweltering, tight gut, but with some effort she gets it out from under herself and begins sliding it off her legs.

"What are you doing in there?" Nicole asks, curiosity bordering on suspicion entering her voice. This doesn't feel like struggling, but it definitely doesn't feel like a stomach rub either, and it doesn't seem like Rose is 'enjoying' her stay... "

Author's note: Yeah, this isn't how the other story ended. I, uh, what's the word...

Lied. :> Get reversed on, Ssubby~ 💕

Rose may or may not have strongarmed me into changing the ending of this story. I can't help it - she's hot and I love her. u_u Sucks to be the girl that tried to eat her.