Sarenrae's EmbraceNSFW

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Anyi takes care of an injured and exhausted S'lahai.

Author's note: A little cute healing stomach story featuring my Anyi and Fak's S'lahai, characters we created for a vorish Pathfinder campaign run by Ria. (Anyi is five years old at this point, but S'lahai is brand new!)

S'lahai dragged herself into the Darkmouth temple of Sarenrae just before the sun completely vanished behind the horizon, exhausted and battered. She'd been sent to help chase off some pests from the church's farmland for feeding the hungry, an easy task. Or at least, it had seemed easy when she'd imagined that it was just a bunch of cute little bunny rabbits she could scoop up and carry away somewhere else.

What she'd actually had to face was a small band of thieves who had been trashing the crops seeking to bait out the priests and take their shiny golden equipment. She'd been pushed to the edge of her capabilities, and now she just wanted a warm bed and to sleep for a week.

Still, she stopped in to see Anyi. The angelic girl was dressed in her nurse's outfit, tending to sick and wounded people with gentle, affectionate touches and careful bandaging and stirring of medications.

"Lah!" Anyi said, finishing up her work and moving to join the catgirl. "You're back! I thought you'd be back way sooner!"

"It wasn't cute bunnies wrecking the crops," S'lahai moaned. "It was some real nasty bandits..."

Anyi scanned S'lahai with a critical eye. "Mean indeed! It looks like they did a number on you, huh?"

"Mmfh... I'm going to bed." S'lahai turned, raising a hand. "Good night..."

A hand on her shoulder stopped her. Anyi's bright blue eyes shone with affection and concern as she met S'lahai's. "Wait. Let me take care of you, okay?"

The catgirl regarded her curiously, not wanting to impose. "But you've been working all day too..."

"Yeah. But what I have in mind for you?" Anyi smiled. "It's no trouble at all. I think you'll like it, too."

When S'lahai didn't protest, Anyi took her arm, leading her to her own quarters. They'd been meaning to move into the same room in the temple, given how much time they were spending together, but for the moment, they had separate rooms.

Anyi kicked off her nurse's shoes and gestured for S'lahai to do the same before they entered the main part of Anyi's room. There, she reached up, helping to unfasten S'lahai's armor. "Let's get you out of this heavy armor..."

"Is this a sex thing?" S'lahai asked, genuinely confused. "What do you mean, I'll like it?"

"No, it's not a sex thing, not unless you want it to be," Anyi murmured through a smile. "Okay, let's get this gambison off you, too..."

Anyi had said it wasn't a sex thing, but S'lahai sure was getting fully undressed by her. She shivered, standing before Anyi in just her panties and bra.

"Come sit on the bed, it'll be easier," Anyi said, patting a spot at the center of the bed.

S'lahai obediently sat. "I still don't know what we're doing..."

Anyi straightened, standing over her, a soft, gentle smile radiating warmth over S'lahai's tired muscles. "So... I don't know if you wanted me to know this. But I kind of noticed the way you stare at my belly when I'm changing. And you can't look away from my lips a lot of the time, either."

Nodding, nodding. "Right... So... What are we doing?"

"Aaand so... I have a pretty cozy and soft stomach, and remember last month, we found that I can even heal the wounded with it..." Anyi added, hoping to provide all the pieces to the puzzle and let S'lahai figure it out herself.

Unfortunately, the catgirl was more the type to eat puzzle pieces than to put them together. "Yeah...? But what does that have to do with me?"

"I just thought you'd like me to eat you, and let you sleep the night off inside me, surrounded by my pillowy stomach and getting your wounds treated nice and slowly by your bath," Anyi finished. Did I misunderstand? Is she totally not into this?

S'lahai nodded eagerly, a warm flush coming to her cheeks. "That sounds really nice!"

Relief flooded Anyi. Oh, sweet mercy, Sarenrae... I thought for sure she was going to turn me down... "Then... down you go, I guess..."

Her lips parted, revealing a warm orange-red glow like the color of a sunset that spilled over her tongue and beckoned S'lahai home. It was like seeing a cozy fire crackling in the hearth while still a few hundred paces off.

So of course, S'lahai wasted no time, practically diving into Anyi's throat while the celestial girl was still stretching her mouth open. Anyi was surprised but not disappointed; the catgirl tasted faintly of sweet vanilla and tart cherry, and having that delicious taste cascade over her tongue without her having to do anything was absolute bliss.

Anyi tried to take her time, but S'lahai was in a rush to get where she was going. It made Anyi giggle to have such an enthusiastic guest - something she'd never had before! Not that she hadn't had voluntary visitors, just not ones that were so desperate to get down into her gut.

As Anyi struggled with her companion's generous backside, her stomach swelled out with the weight of her. She breathed out a long, low sigh through her nose while S'lahai continued descending into her. Wow. That... that feels really good...

As S'lahai's feet finally disappeared into her mouth, Anyi closed her lips and let herself fall backward onto her own bed, her nurse's shirt having ridden up around her chest as S'lahai made her stomach bulge out intensely.

"This is really comfy," S'lahai gushed, wriggling about and getting herself cozily tucked into Anyi's gut. The walls were glowing that orangey welcoming color, and they were so very soft - layers and layers of comfortable plush for S'lahai to rest against. It was really like being in a pile of pillows.

Fluids started to trickle down across her naked body, making her twitch and giggle from ticklishness. They didn't hurt, though. It was like the first droplets of a hot shower - soothing, calming, utter relief. "Ohhh!"

Anyi looked down at her gut curiously as she stretched out on her bed, pulling up her blanket. "Is everything okay in there?" Anyi asked, tucking herself in securely.

"It feels so nice..." S'lahai purred, kneading her hands into the stomach walls to stimulate more of that cozy fluid production. "I love it! I'm definitely going to sleep here tonight..."

"That's the plan, hehe," Anyi giggled. Ohhhh, that kneading feels so good... Mmff... sometimes I forget how nice it is just to be this full...

S'lahai continued getting cozy, oblivious to the dangerous thoughts running through her captor's head. "You mean you can just do this any time you want? This won't be the last time I visit, right?"

"Oh, erm, yeah, if you like it that much I can definitely keep you in there more often!" Anyi said, suppressing a gasp. That's so nice... I really can't let myself hurt her, but... goddess above, I can't believe I'm thinking about her melting away in there... "It's... really nice for me, too..."

Understatement. Big understatement.

S'lahai ran her hands along the stomach walls, giving Anyi a cozy shiver. "I can't believe I'm in here..."

A big yawn interrupted Anyi's response. "Mmh... me neither. Just try to relax, okay? I always get so tired after the sun goes down, so..."

"Okay. I'll be good!"

Anyi stroked her stomach idly, her eyelids drooping and getting heavier and heavier. I won't digest her... I won't... but if I do... well...

Inside her gut, as her consciousness wavered, the brightness of the light flickered and faded, like the dying embers of a fire.

Watching the flickering light made S'lahai feel more comfortable, and by the time Anyi had fallen asleep and her stomach glowed with only the brightness of a tiny candle flame, S'lahai was close to the same.

The stomach was more like a cozy hot tub than a shower now, the fluids almost completely covering S'lahai's body in that relief and comfort. Like being wrapped up in a warm blanket...

"'night," S'lahai said, yawning. She wasn't perfectly sure how long Anyi's stomach could hold her without digesting her. But if it did... well...