Bar FoodNSFW

(Never-finished story) Becki volunteers to be a satisfying meal for a seedy Miqo'te.

Author's note: An incomplete gift for Becki Horo, whose character inspired me very much - but inspiration is fickle and energy even fickler.

"You want... what?"

The skimpy-bikini-clad, sun-caramelized Miqo'te pauses in counting the money she's being offered to make eye contact with the Au Ra who's offering it.

Becki squirms in place, flushed. It's not clear whether she's flushed from the several empty glasses that were around her at the bar in the Quicksand or from what she's asking for. "Eheh... to um... have you, ah... swallow me."

"You mean swallow you, like eat you, like... food?"

"Mmm... yeah... I want to be part of your dinner, D'mhikka..." Becki says, her gaze sliding down to the trim belly above the bikini bottom her guest is wearing. Now she's definitely flushing because of where her mind is going.

D'mhikka raises her eyebrows, then smiles and returns to counting the money. "Hey, baby, I don't judge. It's just that's not exactly the kind of thing people usually ask me to do when they bring me to a private room with them, so I thought you were using some euphemism. You sure you don't want something else? Could just leave it at 'eating' you the other way..."

"No, this's what I want!" Becki insists earnestly, only a slight slur to her voice. "You gonna do it?"

"Errr... I've never done this before," the self-professed sellslut says, scratching her cheek. "I'll do my best for you, though, honey. You sure you're sober enough for this?" She chuckles, running her tongue slowly across her lips and crawling toward her client. She gives a little lick up Becki's cheek, moaning contentedly. "I don't do refunds... or releases. You're too yummy to let go~"

The intoxicated Au Ra giggles, leaning back and letting D'mhikka crawl up her body. "Mmmhhmmmm... Eat me up, D'mhikka..."

"Just Mhikka will do," the Miqo'te purrs once Becki is laying against the bed. Their noses touch, the alcohol on Becki's breath adding a pleasantly sweet scent. "You're going to be closer than anyone's ever been to me - part of me... so there's no need to be so formal, sweetheart."

"Mhikka..." Becki breathes, and then Mhikka is kissing her. Her cheeks are hot, and her whole body has an electric tingle through it, levin that's constantly about to strike. Mhikka is very good at what she does, that's for certain.

Her fingers lift Becki's chin, breaking the kiss. "Last chance to change your mind," Mhikka purrs.

Becki shakes her head, her breath weak and shallow. "Do it!"

Mhikka's lips descend again, but this time not just for a kiss. This time she's taking Becki in, consuming her. And true to her word, Becki has little opportunity to resist anymore. Mhikka's fingers and tongue seem to be everywhere, all at once, saturating Becki's skin in sensation.