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Here you can find plans for any stories that have yet to be published. It's sort of like a queue, but there's no telling when I'm going to make progress on any of them. It's a mystery!

Winter Semester Bad End: Ch. 9NSFWDelayed

In an alternate universe, the Empty Bellies are wiped out. To be released with Winter Semester chapter 9.

Gay Winter Semester Side StoryNSFWDelayed

Some warm affection appears during Chapter 8 of the Winter Semester.

Time is TummyNSFWIncomplete

(Fire Emblem Engage spoilers up to the end of Chapter 11.) The Divine Dragon Alear is captured in battle - and worse, loses the Draconic Time Crystal. She won't be able to get out of this one...

The Prince and the DragonIncomplete

(Fire Emblem Engage spoilers up to Chapter 19) Moments in the story shared between Prince Diamant and the Divine Dragon Alear.

Diamant Drama DraftIncomplete

Some drama featuring Diamant.

Ivy x Céline for RiaNSFWIncomplete

Shenanigans between Ivy and Céline for Ria.

Intimacy is Only Sin DeepNSFWIncomplete

Anyi gives Elissa the swallowing of a lifetime. Feelings are exchanged.

Ending the RivalryNSFWIncomplete

Dark and powerful warlock Rhedeis summons forth her evil succubus patron Vylnyx to help defeat her long-time rival Lady Marion the Honorable in a deadly, pitched battle. But having Vylnyx around brings out a new side of Rhedeis. Can Lady Marion manage to compensate for this and outfight her rival, or is a new age of darkness due to be ushered in by the evil Vylnyx and her loyal servant?

Engage Happy StoryConcept

A party member who's had a rough go of it gets a better ending.

Dominance StoryNSFWConcept

Two characters from NCC engage in some consensual dommy pet play.

Sydney's GirlfriendNSFWConcept

A story about a girlfriend for Sydney who she met online over fanfiction. She lives in a little apartment and has the huge dog (Sydney) as a pet.

The Science of TemptationNSFWIncomplete

Isabelle and Amya have been dating for 6 months now, and Amya is beginning to put together the pieces of her girlfriend's odd behavior. She decides to apply her findings very directly, much to Isabelle's chagrin.

Vampire storyNSFWIncomplete

Vampire story featuring Nicole