Sneaking Around NSFW

Rin stealthily investigates Reya's discarded shoes - and gets caught at it. Vore ensues.

Author's note: Rin has long been a sweet friend and I've wanted to do something with her for a long time now, especially after all the joyful feet moments we've shared, so it's about time that this story gets going!

Shoe sniffing has long been, is, and always will remain one of my great loves when it comes to feet-related things. Though I haven't done it in the real world since I was like... 13. Kitten Reya was a relentless pervert is what I'm trying to say, but Adult Reya still has a little bit of her inside. So this is a story I'm very eager to write!

My good friend Ssubby contributed a whole heck of a lot to this story, and it wouldn't be anywhere near as good as it is now without her presence and guiding hand. She's a major sweetheart and you should listen to her excellent vore audios!

The dorm room door opens, revealing a black-furred catgirl with pale white skin and a warm smile. She hesitates a moment, looking the tall hare in her doorway up and down, and then her smile returns in force.

"Oh, you must be Rin! Rin Winters, right? It's so nice to finally meet you!" Reya says, beckoning Rin inside cheerfully. "You're a little bit early, I'm still setting up, but that's okay - c'mon in! You can hang your coat on the rack over there."

"Hi." Rin gives Reya a small wave, following the shorter catgirl into the room. They've known of each other through Nicole for ages, even exchanged a few messages here and there, but this is the first time they're meeting each other. Reya is shorter than Rin had expected from Nicole's description... though compared to Rin, most students at NCC are short. She glances at the rack, then tugs at the green fabric of her jacket with its fur hood. "I'll keep it on."

Reya doesn't bat an eye at this, moving over to the coffee table where a few bags of groceries are sitting. "That's fine too! Sorry, I don't have any snacks out, I literally just got back from grocery shopping when you got here..."

"Oh?" Rin spots a pair of discarded black canvas sneakers out of the corner of her eye. These must be the shoes Reya had worn to the grocery store. Temptation begins brewing in the rabbit's belly. No better way to get to know someone new...

"Yeah- actually, you know what? I got all sticky from grocery shopping and need to grab a shower, so do you mind helping out? I have some chip bowls and dip bowls here..." Reya barely stops talking to breathe. "Can you just open up these bags and dump them into the larger bowls, and then pour the dips into the smaller bowls? And help yourself to whatever you like, of course!"

Rin nods distractedly. A shower, huh? That's a nice long opportunity. She just can't seem to keep her mind off those sneakers.

"Thank you, thank you!" Reya says. As she bounces off to the bathroom and closes the door behind her, Rin glances at her socks in the flashes of sole in each step. White, thin cotton fabric... the soles slightly darkened with the imprint of Reya's foot shape by sweat. Rin's mouth waters desperately. What she wouldn't give just for one little sniff before the shower wipes the slate clean...

The bathroom door clicking shut isn't the start of the opportunity. Nor is the sound of the shower being turned on. Rin follows through with her assigned task slowly, watching the bathroom door. Once she's sure Reya has committed to showering, she sets the chip bag down, moving toward the doorway.

Despite the wait, Reya's fallen sneakers are still warm to the touch as Rin crouches down and picks them up, cradling them in her hands like precious fragile artifacts. And the steamy air rising out of them is warm, too...

Rin brings one of the sneakers up over her nose, closes her eyes, and breathes in.

The scent is strong - this errand must have run a bit long, and Reya's feet spent a long time baking in here. A deep breath sucks it all in, draws it up into Rin's sensitive nose. There's a lot here for the discerning connoisseur to pick out.

There's the strength of the smell of canvas - or rather, the weakness of it. Reya's had these sneakers for a long time, a very long time, and they smell more like their owner than they do like themselves. There's the tender mint scent of the lotion that Rin is able to spot on Reya's nightstand. There's the salty, musky scent of Reya's sweat, the same sweat that left toe prints in the insole of this shoe... the scent of a girl who had a lot of walking and waiting to do today. There's a sharp acid notes underneath it all, perhaps frustration? Maybe there was someone there who was causing a lot of trouble... mm... the faint sweetness of impatience, Reya's been looking forward to this a long time... and buried underneath it all, the faint scent of soap, perhaps a berry-


Rin straightens, turning around. Reya is standing in the bathroom doorway, wearing only a towel and that same pair of socks, staring open-mouthed at her.

When did the door to the bathroom open?

"Weren't you taking a shower?" Rin asks, the rabbit as calm and collected as if she wasn't holding Reya's shoes up to her face a second ago. As if she isn't still holding Reya's shoes in one hand as casual as you please.

"I-" Reya fumbles for words. "I bought some new razor blades for my legs at the grocery store, I forgot to take them out of the grocery bags. ... Hey, don't make this about me! This is my dorm room! What are you doing with my shoes?!"

Rin's hand shoots out, grabbing Reya by the back of her bra straps and lifting the shorter catgirl off her feet. "This."

So Plan A failed. That just means it's time for Plan B. Admittedly, Plan A was never going to work...

Reya has half a second to contemplate her mistakes before Rin's maw is looming dangerously open before her, the rabbit's tongue dancing eagerly as it waits to accept her head. She babbles something, but Rin isn't listening nor watching her lips. Her eyes are cast considerably downward, watching Reya's sock-covered toes swing above the floor, stretching to try to reach it for any kind of leverage.

"W-wait, now, I'm not gonna freak out, it's just surprising since we j-"

Whatever Reya was about to say is cut off by Rin's lips closing around her neck, sealing her inside the dark maw. Her hands drop the towel and go straight to Rin's shoulders for the leverage to try to pull her head out, and her legs kick wildly in the air. With Reya's hands no longer supporting it and her thrashing disrupting its hold on her body, the towel falls to the ground, revealing smooth, milky-pale bare skin and a simple white bralette with matching panties. White on white... the most contrast coming from Reya's black-furred tail where it pokes through the back of the panties and - of course - the sweat-darkened gray of the soles of her socks. Little toe prints are starting to form here, too, accentuating the contours of the soft skin underneath...

Rin just watches for a moment, continuing to hold the catgirl with one hand and the shoes with the other. ... How those socked feet must smell right now... She lifts the sneakers to her nose again and breathes in, completely oblivious to her prey's panicked thrashing in her grip. The sharp, spicy scent of her fear mixed in with the familiar, comfortable scent of her sneakers... It's such a perfect cocktail. Those socks must smell even better, closer to the source, absorbing it all...

A long, low moan rippling from Rin's throat brings Reya's struggling to a temporary halt, even if it's just from surprise. "Mmf??"

Yes... those socks. The demi-hare lowers the sneakers delicately onto the end table nearby. Enough fantasizing. Time to go for the real thing.

Reya's arms are pinned against her sides, and a series of quick, strong gulps makes her shoulders disappear into Rin's maw. The catgirl's heart hammers her ribcage in panic - Rin's tongue can feel its vibration through the thin fabric of her bralette and the soft, tender flesh of her small chest. She's probably just realizing how skilled of a predator the tall, athletic hare is... and how little of a chance she has of getting out of this situation undigested. Rin's lips quirk upward in an eager, hungry smile. This little get-together is turning out to be a lot more fun than she had expected from the way Nicole had described it!

Reya's broad, pudgy stomach is disappearing behind Rin's lips bit by bit. The catgirl's skin has a softly sweet taste to it, a bowl of cream with distant memories of berries (her soap, perhaps) - though right now it's accentuated by a strong saltiness. It's not a bad mix, though... the sweetness of her milky skin combined with the worn-away tartness of her berry bodywash and made keen by her salty sweat... she tastes like strawberry ice cream. Though she's a bit too warm for that. Strawberry ice cream would be a puddle at this temperature.

... though, Reya isn't too far off from that fate at the rate she's going...

Rin grabs onto Reya's ass with both hands, lifting and shoving it into her mouth. Her meal squeaks in surprise as Rin's fingers squeeze against her mostly-bare rump. Reya's chest may be small, but she's got a nice thick ass courtesy of her previous prey. But that's not why Rin is here, and she squishes that rump into her mouth with some effort and continues on her way. All that's left are those kicking, thrashing, fighting legs... and then Rin will finally have her prize. She teases herself a little bit with how she slowly approaches them, enjoying the anticipation of getting closer and closer to the prize at the end of her treat. One swallow at a time, while she's feeling Reya's body hit her stomach and be forced to curl up inside... She wasn't really feeling chips and dip. This is a much more satisfying snack.

And finally... after taking down those delicious legs... lips climbing upward, getting closer to the finish line... there they are.

Reya's feet dangle outside the demi-rabbit's mouth so temptingly, still in their loosely held socks. Rin can feel the waves of warmth coming off them as Reya's body heat, now rapidly being raised by being surrounded by Rin's own, spills out through her feet and spreads across those beautifully darkened soles.

And - with barely restrained excitement - the hare buries her nose in them. The cotton is soft, a little bit damp from sweat. These socks were never particularly thick, but their fabric has been worn thin by heavy use. Like with the sneakers, these are well-loved, well-worn footwear, worn to the edge of wearing out. A loooong, slow breath drawn up through her nose carries their scent to her. Intoxicating... The mint is less pronounced here, with the strongest scent coming from the catgirl's natural savory-sweet flavor. And there's an odd mix of emotions here now... fear, yes, as she'd suspected, but also the faint citrus sourness of frustration, and... oh, this IS interesting...

There's even a little hint of sweet arousal. Rin chuckles around her meal. One of those, huh? Well, then... I think we'll both enjoy this...

Judging by the tracks in the carpet, Reya's couch has been pulled out from its normal spot to be in front of the TV. Presumably she thought the quartet would share the sofa while watching or playing or... whatever it was she was thinking would happen. Rin stretches out across it, fondling her gut with both hands while Reya's feet weakly twitch and curl in front of her face. Their warm, delicious scent continuing to flow over Rin's senses... This may not have been what you were thinking, but I think it'll be plenty of fun this way.

And indeed, it seems like Reya is enjoying herself in there, judging by the sounds coming from her gut... She leans back, her head propped against a pillow. Yeah... this is pretty nice...

Her eyes flutter closed, the pleasant scent and the full belly threatening to cut her enjoyment of Reya's feet short... No way... I'm not gonna... miss this... She tips her head forward, taking in another deep inhale. Too good not to... stay awake...

There's a knock at Reya's door, stirring Rin from a nap she hadn't realized she'd fallen into. Who is that? Rin wonders. Can't risk getting caught... She peels off Reya's socks and lovingly tucks them into the sneakers she'd set aside earlier so that both can be kept for later. She runs a finger down each now-bare sole longingly, triggering a reflexive squeezing of the toes, Reya's feet curling inward to try to protect themselves from the ticklish touch. Sorry, but you're going to have to go all the way in now.

She swallows hard, and Reya's feet slip into her mouth, their mouthwatering flavor spreading across her tongue. Not too much time to enjoy them now, though - there's still more knocking. Shit, is it her RA or something?

Reya's toes are still held in Rin's mouth between her lips when she goes to the door, peering out the peephole to try to get a glimpse of whoever's out there.

Relief floods her as she catches sight of the distorted figure outside. The heart-shaped sunglasses give it away instantly. Nicole!

Her fellow sophomore is dressed in a pink athletic jacket, a white top, and dark jeans. Tragically, Rin can't get a good look at her shoes from here. Her arms are crossed, and she's looking around a bit nervously. Okay, you I can let in.

"Finally," Nicole says as Rin opens the door, a teasing tone to her voice despite her obvious impatience. "I thought you were..." Her eyes widen, and she takes in Rin - her tall frame compared to the expected short one, the swollen, bulging belly with an unmistakably feline shape inside... and the line of weakly curling toes between Rin's lips. "... eaten."

"Hmmg," Rin says as a greeting, raising a hand.

"Hmmg to you too," Nicole says, darting past Rin into the room. She does take the time to kick off her sneakers once she's inside, though. "Shut the door already, I was getting some looks out there. So, um, couldn't wait for the party to start to help yourself to our hostess, huh?"

Rin elects not to answer this, shutting the door before curling her tongue out around Reya's toes and pulling them into her mouth. One more swallow... and they're gone. And with them, any hope Reya might have had of being freed.

"Oh, nice, snacks!" The abandoned bowls and the bags of chips and jars of dip that were meant to go in them draw Nicole's eye. Beside them are Reya's sneakers, the socks tidily tucked inside. "And uh, you got your own treats too."

"Gah! Forgot to ask her where her plastic containers are," Rin says, muttering a swear under her breath. She moves over to the little kitchenette, rifling through the drawers and pulling out a snap-close container probably intended for cakes or something of similar size. "Perfect. This should be just the right size."

"For what?" Nicole asks, but Rin is already putting the sneakers inside the container and sealing the lid up tightly.

At Nicole's curious look, Rin shrugs. "You gotta keep the scent fresh."

While Rin carries the container over to her backpack and tucks it safely away inside, Rin's stomach is making noises that sound suspiciously like the muffled voice of her feline friend, so Nicole approaches, putting her ear up to it.

"Nicole! Help! Your friend ate me!" Reya says. Her voice is weak - she must have been in there a long time. Nicole was sure she wasn't that late...

But she straightens, shrugging. "Yeah, she does that. Uh... a lot, actually." She gives Rin a meaningful look. "Can you let me keep a few of my friends, please?" She crouches, getting to eye level with Rin's stomach again. "You know she ate every single girl I've dated since I started at this school? She's the reason I'm single." More than one of those reasons, she thinks, stealing a longing glance at Rin's face.

The demi-hare is completely occupied with her phone and doesn't notice, however.

Reya gives a response that Nicole can't hear, so she leans in. "I said... that would have been helpful to know before this," Reya grumbles when prompted. "I thought, she's your friend, she'll be nice!"

"I am nice," Rin says. Her hands fondle over her belly. "You sure seemed to like having all that attention paid to your feet... Seemed like you were getting pretty excited about it, weren't you?"

There's a long silence from Rin's belly.

"Um, did she melt already?" Nicole asks, laughing.

"No, I'm embarrassed!" comes the sharp reply, loud enough to be audible even without pressing one's ear to the stomach. "You didn't have to tell her that!! It's embarrassing to have my friends know that!"

Rin beckons Nicole over to the couch, and the two friends flop down on the sofa side by side. With Rin's enormous belly in the way, Nicole is forced to nestle up close to avoid being squished - not that she minds at all.

Once she's settled, Rin runs her hands over her gut, trying to get a feel for where Reya is - both spatially and in the process of digestion. "What do you care? Not like you're gonna be around to hear what people say about you anyway. Unless you believe in post-digestion voyeurism..."

"It is a very ancient and very respected theory of the afterlife that has digested prey both watching over and guiding their predators! Calling it post-digestion voyeurism makes it sound like digested prey are all perverts!" Reya is sitting slightly tilted forward, and her body is starting to get fairly soft... But her words are no less sharp. "I'm going to guide you down Nicole's throat if you keep talking about it like that."

Nicole giggles, lending her own hands to help with the rubbing. "And you're indignant because...? Like you wouldn't be creeping on Rin and everything she does."

"I changed my mind, I hate both of you and I hope you both get digested."

It's the last thing Reya says, as it's not long after that Nicole's hand tries to squeeze Rin's belly - and a loud squish announces the end of Reya. The two friends exchange glances, then wordlessly continue the stomach rubbing, just enjoying each other's company.

A quiet knocking on the door draws the duo's attention.

"It's probably Rose," Nicole whispers, crouching down as if Rose can see them. The fourth guest, who should have been here already... She must have been delayed too. Lucky for them, but the problem had to be confronted eventually... And here she was kind of hoping Rose had gotten eaten by the girls who were staring at her in the hall. "What are we going to do?"

Rin nods, ducking behind the couch alongside Nicole. Her long ears somewhat give her away, though... "She's not going to take the news that we digested her girlfriend well, I think..."

"'We'? That was all you," Nicole shoots back, lightly shoving Rin. "We wouldn't be in this predicament if you didn't eat every one of my friends who stands still too long..."

"She caught me with her shoes, I had to do something," Rin mutters, dusting off her jacket.

Nicole snorts. "Oh, well, in that case it makes total sense, sorry for questioning you."

"Glad you see it my way."

"I said that sarcastically and you know it," she pouts.

The giggling argument is interrupted by the knocking's return, louder this time.

"Oh, right. Rose... Can't you just deal with her?" Rin asks, glancing over at the door.

Nicole's stomach growls hungrily. She takes a moment to decide... and then she resolutely stands up, padding toward the door on silent socked feet. "... I did eat a small lunch today..."

Rin stretches back out on the couch. Nicole isn't there to claim her seat, and you move your feet, you lose your seat. ... Rin peers over the couch, peeking at Nicole's soles as they flash with every step. "Mmm... later," she says, propping her head back up on the pillow and settling back in for her interrupted nap. As cute as Nicole's feet are, they'll still be around when she wakes up...

"I'll get it!" Nicole calls to nobody, then opens the door. "Hey Rose! You're just in time for dinner!"

"Hi Nicole! Um... do you know where Reya is? She hasn't been answering my-... Hey! Get... off, n-mmff!"

Rin closes her eyes contentedly, letting the sound of the foxgirl's panicked yelping and Nicole's voracious swallowing lull her back off to sleep along with her full belly.



A deafening blast of J-pop sounds through the dorm room at an ungodly hour, jerking Rin into wakefulness and making her bash her head on the coffee table she's somehow ended up underneath, and startling Nicole into falling off the side of the narrow dorm bed with a crash.

"Ow... What the hell is that?" Rin asks, clutching her throbbing head and wishing that her big rabbit ears were easier to cover. She crawls out from under the table and hops up, looking for the source of the music. As she straightens, she notices that Nicole's shoes are next to the coffee table. Oh yeah, that's why I was down there...

Nicole straightens unsteadily from behind the bed, her heart-shaped glasses awkwardly askew on her face. She reaches over and taps the phone long abandoned to charging there, silencing it. "Um, Reya's alarm, looks like... she had class this morning I guess."

"Not anymore," Rin says with a self-satisfied smirk. "My good deeds continue - now I'm getting her out of a morning class. And she said I wasn't nice."

Nicole bites her lip, fidgeting with her glasses to try to straighten them as she looks Rin's body over. "She's been pretty, uh, 'nice' to you, too."

Rin looks down at herself, her eyes widening with delight when she sees how little of her lower body she can see past her chest. She heads over to the full-length mirror Reya has against one wall, spinning around to have a look at herself from all angles. Her rump is the most obviously enhanced - it seems to be twice the size it was the night before, and Rin can for sure feel it around her waist. But it's by far not the only thing to have gotten an upgrade thanks to her meal's unwilling contributions... "Mm, you did seem to be an ass girl, I'm not surprised. But look at what you did for my tits, too!" she coos, cradling her upgraded boobs in both hands. "You're a real sweetheart, Reya. You said you're watching, right? I hope you like it~"

Nicole watches mutely from the bed, a faint blush on her cheeks as Rin poses to show off her new assets to her reflection.

Once the initial shine of her midnight gifts from her prey has worn off, though, reality sets back in. "Ugh, but this flabby paunch...!" She pinches her belly, prodding the extra pounds added there. Her top no longer covers her stomach, both because of her much larger chest and because of the amount of stomach there is to cover, now. "No. Can't have this. And I can't run with all this weight bouncing around on my chest... Yep. Gonna have to head to the gym."

"Oh! I'll join you," Nicole says brightly, hopping down from the bed and meandering over to the mirror beside Rin. She's in surprisingly good spirits - but then, she didn't start the morning by cracking her skull on a table. Plus, her hips and bust are magnificently filled out by her prey's contributions, Rin can't help but notice... Her top is showing a lot more tummy, too - and is it just Rin, or are her jeans struggling to keep up with her as she flirts with her reflection? "Not that I don't like what you did for me, Rose, but I'd kick myself later if I become overweight."

"Heh, gym later, then," Rin says, finding her way back to the couch. It's way too early to be awake still. "I'll hold you to it!"

Nicole's heart flutters a moment, but she too returns to the bed she'd stayed the night on. "I hope you do!"