Changing Her Stripes NSFW

Demi-tiger Mila and her demi-bunny girlfriend Coco have an intimate night together. Coco doesn't find out until too late that Mila plans for it to be their last.

Author's note: It's here at last!

I've long felt an intense desire to write a story for and about Rose that depicts our relationship, as a way of celebrating our relationship. Because, yes, we're dating now! I forget if I've mentioned that in the past. Anyway, it turns out that is at once a tall order (I feel very strongly about our relationship and wouldn't want to halfass it) and not restrictive enough to trigger the creativity that restriction can bring.

This, though, I'm very happy with. Why? Because Rose herself contributed to it! It turns out the perfect encapsulation of our relationship - as two writers intertwined with each other, being muses for each other, encouraging each other on - is something we work on together.

This is a roleplay that we played last night, and it's a romantic one, and it involves Coco Marshmallow and Mila Tigris, two of our favorite characters of late, and NCC, one of our favorite settings of late with lots of our friends writing alongside us. It has been extensively edited into a linear, single-perspective story to fit your screen. Enjoy.

P.S. Mila is based on Taiga from Toradora. Small (4'11") angry tiger with hidden soft side. (The inside) Coco is a lovely tiny bunny (4'7") who specializes in acting like she's prey and then turning things around on her predators. The beginning of their relationship is also a fun story, but we'll leave that for later.

Content warning: This story contains fatal, dubcon F/F oral soft vore as well as mild weight gain. It can also, at your option, contain the following:
Disposal content level:

With light disposal enabled, this story also contains references to disposal and an abridged bathroom scene that's light on description.

With full disposal enabled, this story also contains references to disposal and an abridged bathroom scene, including a skull, that's light on description.

There's a long silence on the line after Mila admits to her plan.

"I kinda thought she'd get me in the end," Mila adds, filling the awkwardness with more words. Her eyes fall on the reservation confirmation for the following Tuesday, still open on her computer after being printed. She closes the tab, leaning back in her chair. "But I'm not sorry this is how it's going to end, really."

The woman on the other end of the line finally speaks up. "Oh, that is just so sweet of you, little kitten! I'm behind you 100%!" She chuckles, that warm, lighthearted titter that Coco inherited. Mila's going to miss it. "I'm sure Coco will squirm and protest once she realizes what's going on, but I think it's really sweet what you're doing!"

Emboldened, Mila continues. "She thinks I'm a paper tiger since I never go through with it. I always put her head in my mouth or swallow her and then let her out." Her hands unconsciously fidget with the bottle of extra-strength antacids she'd picked up earlier. The bottle rattles as the quick-dissolve tablets inside tumble back and forth. "So she won't suspect what I'm really planning. If anything, she might think this is her chance."

"Tiger Cub! I'm back with the drinks!" Coco calls from the lower level, the stairs creaking under her weight as she ascends.

"Hey, I have to go right now, but say hi to the squirt for me, okay?" Mila says, grabbing the reservation off the printer. "Thanks, Mrs. Marshmallow."

She hangs up the phone, swiveling her desk chair to face Coco when she enters Mila's room.

"A nice, cold day like this is just perfect for cuddling up with your girlfriend with your favorite drink~" Coco almost purrs, handing Mila her Chai latte before taking a sip from her own macchiato.

"Thanks bunbun," Mila says, accepting the latte with her free hand and lifting the piece of paper with the other. "Got, um, got something for you," she mumbles, her eyes shyly darting between Coco's grinning face and the floor and her cheeks warming. "For... us."

A week flies by, classes blurring into each other. Casual moments with Coco, stretched out in bed together, sipping hot drinks at their favorite café together, falling asleep watching a movie together. With every day that passes, the anticipation builds - and Coco remains oblivious to it all.

And then, all at once, it's the day of their reservation, it's 8:30 PM, and Coco is in the bath at Serene Valley - the number one pred-friendly hotel in Nexus City's pink light district. And Mila's stomach is full of butterflies.

She lays back on the bed, staring up at the ceiling. She'd bought a lacy cropped cami to accentuate her boobs and belly and a matching pair of lacy shorts to show off her ass. All edible, of course - just in case. They feel weird against her skin. Having so much skin bare is weird, too. She's never dressed sexy for anyone before.

But she wants them both to look good. This is going to be a big moment in their relationship, after all. The last big moment. She wants to get lots of pictures to treasure for later.

In fact, she picked out some matching lingerie for Coco... but Coco's probably not going to get the chance to wear it. Mila is getting hungry already. Fasting to make sure Coco isn't disturbed by unwanted bedfellows has been hard on the demi-tiger given her quick metabolism. The only thing she's eaten since lunch was a pair of extra-strength antacid tablets.

The hotel room is lit by the gentle glow of candles set up all around. Fragrant rose petals cover the bed beside where Mila is laying. The scents wafting from the bathroom aren't helping Mila's appetite - this place is famous for its soaps and shampoos and bubble-bath-based marinades, said to suit any natural flavor and any palate. Mila used them too, of course... it's only fair, in case Coco catches on and turns things around on her. That's Coco's specialty, after all.

But she's pretty sure Coco isn't going to catch on. Not until it's too late for her, anyway.

Her heart trembles in her chest. After tonight, she'll be single again. But... after tonight, Coco will never be away from her again. And after tonight, no one will be able to lay a finger on Coco ever again.

She remembers Coco's mother's encouragement and steels herself, sitting up. It sounds like Coco is finishing up in there... dinner time is coming soon.

Coco comes out of the bathroom wearing nothing but the towel draped over her shoulders and her usual confident smile, same as ever. As she plops herself on the bed, Mila can smell the flavor Coco picked out for herself... a sweet smelling s'mores flavor with a hint of cinnamon.

That confident smile melts into an affectionate, teasing one. "Alright Tiger, you said something about a 'sexy night of fun?'" Coco giggles, her bunny tail twitching slightly. "Goddess, you're such a dork. I love that about you~"

"Oh yeah," Mila murmurs, her voice low and eager. Seeing her, smelling her... Her body, mind, and heart are suddenly in full agreement: Coco is too delicious to be allowed to leave this room. "You look amazing, Coco... I don't think I'll ever forget how you look tonight. I-I mean, I've always thought you were pretty, but then when I see you actually dressed up like this and... yeah. You're... really good." She sidles up closer to Coco, her arms snaking around her beloved.

"Hehe, my mama always said to never underestimate the power of tasteful nudity and a fresh hot shower~ ... Usually as a way for me and my siblings to make ourselves look tastier for a partner, but that's besides the point," Coco says, starting to turn around.

Mila puts a stop to that, pulling her into a cuddly spooning position back-to-front. Some light small talk serves to keep Coco distracted while she lines herself up. "Have you ever gone to one of these places before? I've never- I-I mean, even if I had come it would have been alone, nothing like being here with you... Fuck, I don't know, I don't like to use flowery words, but you're-... I mean... you said yourself when we started dating, this isn't the usual for either of us, right?"

"Mmm, I came once before with a previous girlfriend, but... well, one of us left the building, and the other... didn' flushed down the room's toilet. I'll let you guess which one I was~" Coco nuzzles herself into place. "It feels different being with you though. Being with someone I actually care about. It's nice."

"Hehehe, I think I can guess... I bet that bitch deserved it, anyway." Mila's nose finds a place in Coco's hair. That cinnamon tang mixed into the smooth chocolate-marshmallow flavor is making her drool. She hurriedly pulls her face away for a moment to lick her lips. Her nose settles back into place... right on top of Coco's head. "And that last kiss we shared - before the bath, I mean - it was... just... everything. Yeah. It's good, being in love with you. I really, really love you, Coco. That's... why I wanted to do this."

She doesn't give Coco too long to confuse the 'this' she wanted to do - her jaws spread wide and her maw begins to take in her partner's head from the back. What had been a loving embrace, loose and gentle, becomes the unmistakable grip of a predator on her prey. Coco's whole body tenses and freezes up in Mila's arms at the pounce, primal instincts flaring up immediately.

Thankfully, she relaxes into the embrace soon after. "Oh, we're just diving straight in, huh~?" Coco asks in a quick, low whisper before her voice perks up, full of false worry and fear. "M-Miss Tiger!? You tricked me! I thought you just wanted to snuggle to keep warm!"

Eating a mouthful of hair is usually a tough way to start on a fresh meal, but Coco's hair is nicely lubricated by the bathwater and the pred-friendly shampoo, and Mila has no problems starting to swallow her girlfriend's head. Just a pity Coco's facing away, so she can't slip her tongue inside for one extra-last kiss. That's okay, though. She made sure to put all her feelings into the one before.

As Coco relaxes into her arms, Mila's hands can start to explore Coco's body. This is it, she realizes. This is the last time I'll get to indulge myself with Coco's chest. Her grip shifts so she can reach, and her fingers glide across the demi-bunny's small breasts, gently squeezing and massaging.

They've gotten this far before - Mila has even swallowed Coco all the way down. Coco's not going to expect that this is for real. For keeps. That this is going to be the end of her... permanently.

The sensation of having outwitted her prey, however briefly, makes Mila's body sing. She takes her time, her tongue teasingly caressing down Coco's back as Coco's breasts are softly, delicately brushed by Mila's dangerous teeth. A teasing kiss - they're sending her to a place far more deadly, anyway.

Mila's fingers tip tap along Coco's belly, fondling the smooth, flat flesh. This belly that has struggled through so many big meals in the past, breaking them down inside the herbivoreenough that the herbivore can get rid of them even if her body can't make much use of them... only to end up a big meal herself in the end. Well... "big". Coco is so small, even Mila doesn't have to strain too much to eat her.

And that thought drives Mila's instincts wild. Down she goes...


Coco seems to know something is up. Her motions are a little slower, a bit more tentative, than usual.

But if it's bothering her, she doesn't say anything about it. The deadly prison of Mila's stomach opens up to accept Coco's head, and Mila can faintly hear her whispering "You're doing great kitty, keep it up~” from inside her gut.

Coco's praise makes Mila's heart swell with impatience. Oh, this sweet, delicious bunny, still cheering her on even as Mila sends her down to her fate. She really does believe that Mila is going to let her out of here, doesn't she? Mila can't help smiling. Maybe Coco will never find out - maybe she'll just succumb to the warm and sleepy atmosphere inside Mila's antacid-slowed stomach and doze off, giving Mila's gut plenty of time to have her way. Mila shakes her head with a smile, imagining this. That would be so typical of this bunny. She's so tough when she's in control, but catch her off guard and she's as soft as butter, barely able to put up any fight at all.

And twice as delicious... though in this case the creamy goodness of Coco's skin is mixed with that dazzling smore-like flavor. Her stomach growls down below, openly betraying her true intent. Mila's tongue plows into Coco's backside, getting the full fatty flavor of this bunny's gorgeous rump. It's so tempting to just sit here, teasing Coco... running her tongue over those delicate cheeks, slurping along her inner thighs, even teasing up between her legs... but Mila's stomach has tasted Coco and it wants to be full. Having Coco starting to swell out her stomach isn't easing the cravings, it's making them worse. She has such an intense, dire need for her girlfriend's body...

Mila reluctantly shifts her tongue to the back of her throat, squeezing Coco's rear with her tight throat muscles. It's time to move on and get that need satisfied.

Coco's thighs are... always have been... one of the most delicious parts of her. Mila suckles on them like a pair of giant lollipops, savoring that flavor until it's completely drowned out by her own saliva. One last time. One last time she gets to do this, and then...

Well, then she'll get to see what happens when Coco is finally... finally hers.

Coco's knees go straight as they slide over Mila's lower lip with another strong gulp. And before she knows it, Mila is facing down the last bits of Coco that she'll ever get to taste.

Coco's small pedicured toes dance in front of her vision, just below her nose. Her feet are so tiny and tender, a consequence of her light weight and relatively idle lifestyle... Mila's fingertips run down Coco's soles, along the curve of her instep, in reverent contemplation. The very last of her girlfriend.

She hoists herself off the bed and moves to the full-length mirror, staring at her reflection and grabbing her phone to take a few pictures. It almost brings a tear to her eye, seeing how earnest her own face is, how badly she wants Coco to be hers. Devouring others has always been a means to an end for her - to getting rid of annoying people or satisfying a grumbling stomach.

Mila cradles her stomach and takes a picture, letting Coco's feet wiggle aimlessly in front of her face. The bunny's upper body outline is vaguely visible in her stomach.

Coco is special. With Coco... eating Coco is all she wants right now. This is what love is, right? Why her mother always said love isn't worth it, it never lasts. Because to truly gain love, you have to lose it. You can't have your darling and keep her, too.

She was right. Coco lasted a scant few months. And now it's over. But it was the best few months she'd ever had.

Mila's tongue gently accepts Coco's heels, curling up to caress over the smooth, pink skin at the bottoms of Coco's feet. The simple, spicy flavor of the cinnamon lotion Coco had used lends a spark to the soft, creamy taste of her body and the sweet flavor of her soap.

Glp... Coco's toes slide down, curling against her tongue. The sensation is heavenly. Mila frames them by holding them between her lips and takes another shot.

Bye, Coco.

... glp

Mila traces the deceptively small bulge in her throat down with her fingertips, taking one more quick shot before tossing her phone on the bed and cradling her stomach with both arms. "Mmph... Enjoy the ride?"

She's not getting into character this time. Why would she? She wants to spend this last intimate time with Coco as Mila, not as Miss Tiger.

"Mmm, it was... warmer than usual. Slower. I guess my kitty must be getting really into the atmosphere of this place, huh~" Coco teases with a light giggle as she settles herself into place. Her voice is still just as playful as ever, so it doesn't seem like Coco is too bothered by the difference. That's a relief. "I take it you liked my choice of soap~ Hehe, it almost seemed like I was going to start digesting before you even got me down with how much you seemed to be savoring me~"

"Nah, I don't want that to happen," Mila teases. She leans back on the bed, gazing over her gut at its reflection in the mirror. Her hands grope over Coco's body without her usual regard for Coco's comfort. Even when she's in character, normally, she's more timid... but tonight, she feels as confident as Coco always looks. "It's not too intense in there, right? You'd better not waste tonight by melting away in me before I even get a chance to enjoy feeling you there."

She chooses not to answer Coco's real question, dodging it with a lighthearted answer. "Mmm, you are a perfect fit for marshmallow flavor, Miss Marshmallow. And the cinnamon was just... mmnn..." She tips her head back, trying to stifle a burp. ullllch ... Well, mostly. "My compliments to the meat..."

"Nah, the antacids are doing their job," Coco answers casually. "Well, if there's anything good about having so many gutslut sisters... I didn't lack for recommendations. Mama was the one that recommended Cinnamon though. Said it made for a good final note."

... Final note?

Mila's eyebrows raise. Mrs. Marshmallow... told Coco about what I was planning? And Coco came here and just... let me do this? So Coco agreed to it, then...

"Oh, so... she let you in on it, huh?" Mila asks, caressing over Coco's body thoughtfully. Her stomach gurgles softly, stirring into motion. The acids are slowed, but they won't be for long. A few hours and Mila's full strength will be back, and any resistance Coco has left will melt away along with the rest of her. "I'm surprised. I told her it should be a nice little surprise for you, so you can enjoy it as long as possible. I guess I never thought that you might want me to do this. And... well... in that case, I guess I can say thank you, Coco. For everything... for this."

"Hmm? Let me in on it?" Coco asks, a note of lighthearted confusion in her voice. "Sure we don't do this a lot, but. I don't know, this time feels fancier. More formal. I figured asking around would be nice to make this a night we could look back on."

Too late, Mila realizes the truth - Coco must have asked her mom for flavoring advice and been told that cinnamon would leave a lingering aftertaste, not that it was a good flavor for one last taste.

Well, it's too late to put the cat back in the bag now. Time to just come clean.

"More formal, yes... more final," Mila purrs softly. Her housecat genes at work. Something she wouldn't admit, wouldn't show off to anyone - except Coco. "I'm sorry, Coco, but if it's any consolation, this will be a night 'we' look back on. It's just... 'you' won't be around to reminisce. Because you'll be part of me." Her fingertips brush where she thinks Coco's cheek is. "And I'll never forget you, but... well. I'm not going to let you out tonight, Coco."

"I... Uh..."

That seems to have caught Coco off guard. Mila was being way more serious than usual, she knows. This kind of genuine feeling is usually so hard for her. But here... how can she not be genuine with Coco on their last night together?

Coco lets out an uneasy laugh - and refuses to accept it. "O-Oh no... The fashionista Tiger finally decided the bunny was better off as boobies," Coco says in the melodramatic tone she normally takes with roleplaying with Mila, though this time a clear nervous edge is in her voice.

"I'm not playing, Coco." Mila's purrs only increase in volume. She rubs her stomach slowly, her hands rubbing up, then down. Up, then down. "This isn't a game, not this time. I don't want to lose you. Not ever. And I finally understand what I have to do if I don't want that bitch getting her stupid shark teeth on you."

Mila lays back, letting Coco's weight settle in her midsection. "Your mom said she was so happy you were going to belong to me. You know that? And you know what? I am too. This isn't how I thought things would go, but well... nothing about you and me went the way I thought it would go. And I'm... I don't know... you're just special somehow, that's all."

"M... Mama told you that?" Coco asks, disbelief making her voice crack. Feeling Coco's fear in the subtle, anxious tremors of her body makes Mila's predatory instincts roar louder than ever. "This can't just be about Shelly... I... I'm the best predator at this school! I'll be taking care of her by the time New Years comes around! This isn't-!"

Mila's hands gently squish down, knead into her gut. "Easy, Coco. Soon you'll be my little special memory."

A squeak bursts out of Coco. Even the gentle squish and knead is doing major damage to the soft piece of meat.

"It's about Shelly," Mila confirms once Coco's protests have quieted, rubbing her fingertips over Coco's hands - a sort of hand-holding. "I checked her out after what Chloe told me. And she was right. There's no way you or I, or even you and I, can take her down. She specializes in punishing your favorite trick, playing the prey, and I'm still only mediocre as a predator. She's a fucking bitch... but that doesn't matter."

Mila's voice drops to a soft, breathy whisper. "What matters is that to keep you safe from her, I have to claim you myself. And I can't believe I didn't think of it sooner. You feel so good in there, Coco. You belong in there. You know you do. Your little bunny body wriggling around inside me is one of the best things I've ever felt..." Her tongue glides across her lips. "And soon I'll feel that wriggling stop. And be replaced with a slow, even sloshing. You never did do particularly well at resisting my gut... maybe that's because even your body knows that's where you belong. Mine. Forever and always."

Her voice is forceful and possessive on these last four words. She wants nothing more than for them to be true.

"Then I'll find a way to take her down!" Coco insists, as stubborn as ever. Uncertainty is starting to settle in, though, and Mila can hear it in the way she hesitates. "I'm a smart girl, I can adapt to different tricks! I just... need to... experiment a little..."

Mila doesn't answer, only continuing to caress her prey. Coco quickly fills the silence, speaking over the sloshing sounds of the stomach she's in filling with acid.

"Mila... Mila, I'm sorry, but you know me. You know just accepting that they're food is why I can't stand most of my sisters. You know I can't just accept this..." Coco admits to Mila. "Whatever you say, whatever you do... I'll keep loving you, but I'll keep fighting to get out before I... become you."

It takes Mila some time to process this, this strange tone in her voice. A wistfulness, a plea, but not just to get out. Coco is conflicted. She wants this, and yet she doesn't want it. More than that, she doesn't want to want it.

Well, then. It's clear what Mila needs to do. She puts on her best big, bad pred voice.

"You can't take her down," Mila says. Her voice drops into that low, dangerous, seductive purr once again. "Not without time we don't have, now that she's on to you. And more than that... not without getting out of me. And I don't see you doing that, now do I? Come on, fight me. Get out of me. I'm still only a mediocre predator, remember?"

Her arms wrap around her stomach in a slowly tightening embrace. "Cause if you can't get out of me, then... well, there's no need to accept that you're food. My stomach will prove it to you. Thoroughly." Her thighs press together, her head and heart caught up in the thrill of this moment. "The Coco I know would never back down from a challenge. So let me give you this challenge, Coco. If you can't get out of me, maybe you belong on my tits instead of on my arm."

She gives a quick pulse of a squeeze. "But you know what? It doesn't really matter. Because you can't get out, Coco. It's already too late for you. It was from the moment you laid down on the bed next to me with your back to me and your guard down. You are my food now, and nothing you can do can change that. And that's all the proof I need to know that you would never survive a confrontation with Shelly. So I'd rather you melt away slowly and comfortably inside me than being mocked and teased and prodded into nothingness by that bitch."

"You... You're really dead set on this..." is all Coco can manage to say between the tight, squeezing walls. She's hard-pressed already, from the sounds of it. Mila is right - she would stand no chance against Shelly. It's just more confirmation that this is the right thing to do.

Mila wraps her thighs around her belly, too, squeezing in tighter, adding more pressure to the bunny's prison. Not enough to crush her, not yet, but enough to hammer in how helpless she is. "I love you so much, Coco. It's been real nice having you around, but it's time for you to become part of me. To melt away like the delicious bunny dessert you are."

The display shows off everything Mila meant it to. She can feel the weak, normally idle bunny pushing out against the stomach walls around her with all her might... and barely manage to make a bulge.

Mila's lips pull up at the corners. It's the smile of her demi-tiger ancestors - toothy, careless, satiated. "I didn't think so, Coco. You tried your best... but it turns out a cute, scrawny little STEM bunny girl's best is nothing compared to my gut's need for her. Nothing but food, that is."

Her embrace tightens. Her acids are concentrated in the small space that's left around Coco, more and more active despite the antacids. Tighter... tighter still... her hips rocking against her own belly with barely conscious lust and excitement...

In any other circumstance, if Mila's belly wasn’t so abnormally strong, if she wasn't pressing in so tightly, if Coco’s body wasn't so readily digestible... The demi-bunny would have lasted minutes more. Maybe longer.

But Coco’s body was much too strained under the pressure. Mila's need for her was too great. When it came to a straight-up fight...


Coco was mulched before Round 1 ever really started. Mila’s hunger, her excitement, her readiness to protect Coco, and her unadulterated horniness all result in the thick, soft mess that squishes softly against Mila’s thighs with a gentle warmth. A kind of softness that leaves no question that Coco is gone, her consciousness quickly leaving as her liquified form settles in Mila’s belly. Everything she once was, turned into a sloshing puddle of nutrition for the short demi-tiger...

A puddle that, despite her fate, still loves Mila with all her heart.

With Coco's form going soft, the enhanced pressure finally gets its chance to escape.


Coco's little tiger cub lays back on the bed, her hands reaching around her belly to find the place between her legs. Her mind is empty of all thoughts but animalistic, predatory lust. Might as well enjoy it while it's here...


Mila isn't clear on how long she was indulging in the thrill of having digested Coco. Nor does she know when she fell asleep. All she knows is that when the sun rises, she wakes up at the center of a wet area in the sheets and with a flat stomach.

She sleepily gets out of bed, picking up her phone and padding over to the full-length mirror. Coco has left her with a paunch, she notes wryly. "So rude. After I treated you to such a sweet and tender digestion, too..." She opens the camera, taking a picture of it. Well, that will go away with her usual exercise routine, she supposes. Her trim and defined abs are an important part of her intimidation factor, after all.

But her ass...

She gazes lovingly down at it, her striped tail flicking excitedly, and quickly snaps a few more pictures. Yes, this is perfect... Her bubble butt now softer than ever, rounder than ever, the perfect shape...

"Never mind, I guess we're even," Mila murmurs, a hand rising up to fondle her chest. It's hard to tell with her eyes, but her hands can definitely feel it - her chest has gotten bigger. That's where Coco has landed, she decides. The other places are just excess fat. "Glad you get to hang out on my tits for the rest of my life~"

She's humming to herself and looking up local breakfast options in the pink light district when she feels Coco's remains knocking to be let out. "Okay, okay, I'll take care of you first and then I'll eat again. God, so demanding..." Though her words are harsh, her tone is light. Coco is finally, truly hers! The waste is just further proof!

She settles down on the luxurious, heated, high-capacity, ultra-flush toilet that Serene Valley offers for its guests and begins to release what used to be her true love.

Glancing down, Mila can see that the bunny is completely unrecognizable this way. Even her skull, the most solid piece of her, is chipped and cracked and discolored, the acids having done their best against the indigestible bone.

"Gonna miss you, Coco," Mila teases between grunts. "But not enough to keep that around."

Mila emerges from the bathroom fifteen minutes later, feeling refreshed and relieved - and with a new clean souvenir of Coco's existence in the form of a washed-clean skull. That's the end of that. The bunny terror of the NCC campus who had eaten so many would-be predators is hers now, once and for all.

Now it's time for breakfast. As wonderful and filling as eating Coco was, Mila is hungry again already. She can hear Coco's voice in her head. "What, I didn't satisfy you?" Mila says in a poor imitation of Coco's voice. She giggles at her own joke. "Sorry, bunny, but you know you're so tiny you're barely a snack. I need some real meat~"

Her destination in mind, Mila trots out the door of the hotel, now sharing her outfit with her former girlfriend. They're going to have so much fun together now...

Mila pushes through the door to Le Blanche, the bell tinkling as she does so. Veronica looks up from a book, smiling when she recognizes the tiger. "Oh, Mila, it's been a while!"

"My professor is such a bitch, I'm drowning in work," Mila grumbles, head drooping. "The usual, please."

"One bitch-repellent chai latte, coming right up!" Veronica chuckles, setting her book down and moving to begin preparing it.

Mila's fluffy ear twitches. "Oh, and... uh, could you add a macchiato and a muffin, maybe?"

"Oh? Is your girlfriend coming by later?" Veronica turns her head toward Mila as she pours the milk. "I haven't seen her in a while either. I hope she's doing okay."

"She's doing just fine," Mila says. She rubs her stomach lightly under her shirt. "She's right here with me, after all."

Author's note: Favorite Rose-written lines from the RP that got cut in the editing process because Coco's perspective is hidden from Mila:

  • Honestly coming all the way here and just wanting to cuddle... Honestly it was the most Mila thing she could have done.
  • Coco is a bit confused for a moment. She had to agree, the kiss was just... perfect. She felt closer to melting there than in any of even her most tense hunts.
  • For Coco, this is all too familiar. Sure, Mila is a bit dangerous so it's hardly a nightly endeavor, but. The motions are all the same. For some reason, Mila seems... Warmer. More intense. But that's probably just the atmosphere of the hotel.
  • Once Mila's lips have passed over Coco's, she doesn't make much effort to continue the cheesy acting. It'll just be muffled and Mila can't respond right now... but that's okay. Her Touch is enough. Her presence is enough.
  • So many girls' stories ended here... Hundreds, did Mila say? It was almost an honor to be able to come down here multiple times when so many were mercilessly churned into more of the lovely tiger cub~
  • If their first meeting had gone even slightly differently, one of them might have ended up in the other, and depending on how the first move was struck... At the end of the day, Coco is a Demi-rabbit. A prey species. Her belly wasn't made to melt girls, her body was dense with just the right nutrients for a carnivorous cat like Mila... her everything was made to be so easily digestible a mama cat could pin her down so her kitten could gobble her up without the digestive issues a real meal would bring. She wondered if she'd even last 10 minutes against a Mila tummy without any antacids in it... Her body shivered at the thought.
  • Oh... Wow, Mila is... much, much bolder than usual. Coco is caught off guard by how much she's taking charge, fondling her, teasing without the mask of a character... Honestly it's a little scary, but... Coco's kind of excited to see where Mila goes with it. It's different, and it's nice to see her girlfriend act a bit more confident with her.
  • It isn't a situation she can escape from period. Getting into a stomach that actually wants to digest her would be Game Over if her little sister, an even tinier bunny with no voracious record to speak of did it. Against Mila...
  • "M... Mama told you that?" Coco asks, almost in disbelief over the news, but... No, no, that is exactly the attitude her mama would take.
  • Coco sounds unsure. Experimenting outside your predatory niche can be dangerous, especially for a glass cannon like her. One wrong move, one wrong prey... But...! But at least then it's only a possibility... With every second ticking closer to an inevitable digestion, even one inside... even one inside the person she still loves...
  • There's so much more she wants to say... About how she isn't so helpless she can't take out one shark. About how the same unwillingness to back down from Shelly won't let her back down out of escaping. About how unromantic this is going to end. ... About how she's right. That she is cat food now, that she can't change that. That right now she is just the dessert of Mila's lifetime. That she loves her, and knows she's loved back.

It killed me to cut these, but I think it makes for a better story to focus on Mila's perspective and stay out of Coco's head. Still, I love them, so you can have them as bonus content.