Pink Light District: Reina NSFW

Reina heads for an endo club for a cozy stomach visit.

Author's note: My sweet and tasty dessert friend Reina asked for this. No, seriously, she did.

After I showed her (an earlier revision of) the Pink Light District table:
Reina: roll for me
Reya: What pred skill level do you put yourself at, and where would you want to go? 😄

Not a pred, Novice, Adept, Expert, or Master?

Vore restaurant, street food, endo club as pred, or endo club as prey?
Reina: as it is known I am a master, but for some reason they're only letting me pick the NaP card, so I guess we have to go to that last one
Reya: Your preyishness is 4+5 = 9, and... Let's see...
(long silence with Reya typing)
Reina: Here I threw this in as a joke and I am now worried you are about to incinerate me
Reya, finally: You rolled a 10, which means your result is...

The Illusion is a pretty little club with a neon-lit sign, nestled away in a corner between a karaoke bar and a raucous pub. Which makes it surprising how quiet it is once you get inside.

Alyona is a sweet, gentle woman with dark hair. She welcomes you with open arms, laughs and tells you she'll be happy to show you around when you tell her it's your first time here - and after a little while of chatting and inspecting the options she offers you for the antacid and stomach freshener, you decide on a sweet-smelling one labeled "birthday cake". She takes the fizzy tablet and tells you it's as sweet as you - and after giving you a lingering kiss, she thanks you for choosing her and slides her lips over your head.

Her hands are delicate and patient as they work over your bare flesh, helping to support you as she lowers you into her stomach. A little bit at a time, taking her time savoring your taste. It's only natural, she says, that someone as tasty as you get fully enjoyed.

You end up curled in her stomach safely, the puddle of inert fluids embracing you as you settle in. The sweet scent you chose is here, also wrapping around you lovingly. Her arms embrace and caress you. You're warm and safe, more comfortable than you've ever been.

She gently stifles her burps, telling you that the antacid always has this effect on her. When you tell her that you don't mind - quite the opposite in fact - she laughs and lets loose. When you tell her you're rattled and she should go back to what she was doing before, she laughs again, a deep belly laugh. "Whatever you like, my love," she teases."

You tell her about your life, and as she massages your body she nods along and shares her own stories of working in this business. Of the people who fell in love with her from the inside, how she truly cared for them and regretted having to let them out at the end. She teases you that you'd better not fall in love with her too.

Before you know it, the bell dings, indicating the end of your stay. All you have to do now is climb out once she relaxes her throat and reaches in with the pull rope.

Which will be here any second now. Any second...

She's moving. Toward the back room she came out of when you selected her. You can hear other voices.

"Aly, last session's over, or not yet?"

Alyona laughs softly. "I prefer to think of it as... my last session will never end."

Uh oh.

The other voices laugh. "That was Reina, right?" one of them pipes up. It's the young woman who took your name and welcomed you into the club. "She looked cute, I'm jealous."

Another adds, "Looks like she's as surprised as we were."

Indeed, you're trying to communicate your surprise - and displeasure - with your best kicks and squirms. In response, she unleashes a world-shaking GUUUUUUUULLLLCH that makes you temporarily drop everything other than keeping your head from spinning.

But it has little effect on her. And the acids are starting to tickle at your skin. It's not an unpleasant feeling, to be honest. Just, you know what it means. You redouble your efforts.

The receptionist chuckles. "I think she likes it, to be honest." That's slander to the highest degree, and you tell her as much, but then Aly's hands are on your body again, and the acids being rubbed into you feels really good. You realize your body, traitor that it is, has double-double crossed you - by not only finding something to enjoy about this, but by signaling it for all to see.

Aly laughs softly. "I have to get packing. The truck leaves tomorrow morning, so I need to go. Everyone, say goodbye to Reina!"

She passes your friend, Reya, on the way out. "Oh! Is Reina coming out soon?"

In response, she pulls Reya in close - you can feel the catgirl's body pressing against you - and releases another long, low huuuuuuuuuuuuurp.

"Message received," Reya says weakly. "Have fun in there, Reina."

You don't seem to be able to convince her you're not in here by choice. And before long, you hear the club door shut behind your devourer. Like it or not, she's taking you home - a permanent souvenir of her time as a loving pred domme. She teases you as she struggles to cram her you-filled belly behind the wheel.

"So, you're having fun, then? I'm glad. I always worried that I'd be selfish. If there's anything I can do to make you enjoy it even more... Just let me know..."

You struggle to tell her that letting you out would make you enjoy it more, but as she focuses on driving and only occasionally drums her fingers on you, you find yourself drifting to sleep. It's too warm and comfortable in here to be awake, and... you'll tell her off when... she gets home...

The next morning, you're barely able to move. You can't speak, either.

You hear the voice of the receptionist again.

"I think that's everything! By the way, how's Reina been?"

"Very well behaved," Alyona coos. She caresses her stomach as it sloshes around you. "I think she's comfortable with where she's ended up."

Over the course of the long drive in the truck, you have no choice but to be comfortable, as her body eagerly devours the nutrients you've become.

By the time she arrives at her new home, her skirt no longer goes all the way down over her butt, as you learn when the receptionist says so, giggling.

"I think our first order of business is to get you some clothes that will fit - we want you making a good impression, after all!"

She rubs her hand over the soft fat you have become, smiling down at her own rump. "I guess I'll have all the more reason to remember my last meal when I sit at my desk..."