Fresh Mint NSFW

A bratty young trainer meets her match in the form of her rival's mom.

Content warning for a child character being eaten and digested here. She also gets stripped, although her nudity is not described.

Author's note: Rose and I came up with these characters, and although we didn't have any time to do things with them yet I love them too much to let them languish even one day! Rose also beta read this and helped me flesh some things out, so she's still great.

It was inspired by seeing this tweet and suddenly becoming lost in thoughts of Poké-Milf thighs, and also having a strong craving for overwhelming overpowering of an overconfident opponent. Plus, I FUCKIN love Pokémon vore. There's just something about that universe. They solve all their problems based on these Pokémon battles based on the honor system! There are these dangerous creatures around and this undertone of danger but everyone is so nonchalant about it! It's the perfect casual vore universe!

Also, this tweet was found between the start and the end of writing this story, and: FUck that's good

The sound of the Poké Ball returning to its travel size was the sound of defeat. Or at least as close as one could get with an opponent like this.

Sylvia smiled, putting her hands on her knees and crouching down to get closer to her opponent's eye level. "Oh dear me, little miss Mint, I do believe that was your last Pokémon."

"Yeah, so what if it was?" Mint asked, all fire and bristles. The short, pale-green-haired girl was in mild shock. None of her many battles against the other girls she'd encountered on her way here had even made her break a sweat. Except the one against Yew, Sylvia's daughter and Mint's fiercest rival - but even that one she had won handily.

Unfortunately, this time the shoe was on the other foot. (Not that Sylvia was wearing shoes - she had been doing chores around her home barefoot in a plain salmon-pink dress when Mint had barged in.) Mint's Pokémon had fainted one after the other, with Sylvia's Bellossom leisurely dancing around every attack.

Sylvia sank down to one knee, meeting Mint's intense grass-green eyes. Her own soft brown eyes hid a spark of amusement. "You know the Pokémon League rules. The... incentives, for trainers to play a part in training up challengers to the League... When a challenger is defeated by a trainer other than a fellow challenger, after beginning her League journey but before choosing to retire or defeating the current Champion..."

"Yeah, I know the rules!" Mint yelled, her face going pink. Admitting that she'd lost, or even letting Sylvia say it, stung. She'd beaten just about all of her fellow challengers, and she'd even challenged and beat some of the trainers who weren't going to gyms with her. And she'd never lost. Not even once. Until now. "You were supposed to go easy on me! P-People who battle with League challengers are supposed to give them easy battles at first and then only have hard ones later on when they have more badges!"

"Hm? I remember agreeing to nothing of the sort," Sylvia said, getting back up and advancing on her small opponent. She ran her tongue across her lips in a slow threat display. "If I remember what happened when you came here, I told you I wasn't part of the official League path. That I would battle with you if you wanted, but that I didn't think you were ready. That I would hate to ruin your cute little rivalry with Yew. Didn't I?"

Mint backed away, bumping into the island counter behind her. "W... Well, y-yeah, but..."

"And yet knowing this, you challenged me. Knowing that my wife is a Pokémon Professor, and that my daughter is a skilled trainer as well. Knowing that I would not go easy on you. Knowing that if you lost..." Sylvia raised one leg, kicking it out against the island counter behind Mint with a loud thump. Putting Mint face to face with the woman's thick, meaty inner thigh. It was suitably intimidating, and Mint trembled nervously. "You'd be helping soften my seat while I sat and watched my daughter ascend to the top of the League." Her voice never lost that soft, motherly, affectionate tone. "Right?"

"Y-Yeah, but..." Mint's voice was weak and shaky now. She had nowhere else to back up to.

Sylvia smiled, picking Mint up and setting her on the counter. She removed the girl's pack, setting it on the counter, and unbuckled the small battle belt she wore her Poké Balls on, tossing it into an open pocket on the pack. "And you lost. And that means... you and I are going to get nice and cozy together. Forever."

Mint whimpered as Sylvia began casually stripping her out of her traveling clothes. Yew's mother was... way too experienced at doing this kind of thing... She had a sudden feeling of dread as she realized that she was not the first girl Sylvia had won as a prize. Those succulent, juicy thighs... How many girls like her had ended up on them...? "You can't do this, I'm gonna be the League Champion!" She jerked her foot away as Sylvia began unlacing her sneakers, but Sylvia's grip was too strong, and before long her socks and shoes were on the counter next to her.

"Oh, sweetie. That's a wonderful dream. I almost feel bad that you're never going to reach it now," Sylvia cooed, expertly pinning the wriggling Mint down as her skilled hands worked their magic. Sliding off the girl's too-short black top, unbuttoning her denim shorts. A little pile of wrappers for the treat she was about to have. "Would you like me to pass along a last message to Yew from you?"

The dread pooling in Mint's stomach was getting heavier and heavier. The chill of the air-conditioner breeze blowing over her bare skin made her shiver. The only thing she had left now was raw defiance, and she wielded it like a club. "Tell her I'm gonna eat her mom!"

"Now, now, you don't want to lie to her, do you?" Sylvia teased. She lifted her snack up over her mouth, raising Mint's toes to her lips. "After all... this will be the last she sees or hears from you. From now on, you will be all mine."

Even defiance failed Mint as she looked at her destination. Her permanent home from now on... Chills ran down her spine, and this time it wasn't just the air conditioning causing them. "Wh-"

Whatever she'd been about to say fled her mind as her feet entered Sylvia's mouth. Warm and wet, a relief from the cold, dry air of Sylvia's home. But also, there was no denying that the wriggling tongue was ticklish against her sensitive pink soles, and she thrashed about in Sylvia's grip, trying to kick out or pull her feet away from the assault of Sylvia's tongue. But there was no getting away from Sylvia's strong grip, and her feet had nowhere to go. Sylvia's tongue caressed her soles from heel to toe, pressing into the arch and making her twist and squirm, taking in the sensation of her small and delicate toes curling and splaying at the hurricane of sensations from having her feet tasted.

"M... mmh..." Sylvia was in bliss. She generally tried not to get too involved with the Pokémon League, but at least once every season there was a challenger who thought it would be a good show of talent to defeat the Professor's wife. And these challengers - young, tender, still soft from having only just set out on their journey and tasting mouthwateringly sweet - were her favorite treats. Like a once-in-a-while ice cream cone that delivered itself to her door. Mint was, of course, an especially guilty pleasure - Yew would no doubt be upset that her mother had digested her rival. But such was the price of treating herself sometimes.

Having her feet in Sylvia's mouth may have been strange and ticklish and unpleasant for Mint, but it was even worse when they weren't in Sylvia's mouth anymore. It happened so fast - the "floor" of Sylvia's tongue had risen up, and her feet had slid forward, and suddenly her toes slid off into the abyss, getting caught just as quickly in the tight, squeezing flesh of Sylvia's throat. And even what little freedom of movement her feet had had before was gone, the bending of her legs now only serving to bring her closer to Sylvia's hungry maw.

A squeak escaped her as Sylvia began swallowing in earnest, her legs disappearing between those plump, sweet lips at an alarming speed. Her teeth nibbled on Mint's soft, rounded rump - sending more jolts of sensation through her body. Why was her butt so sensitive, and why was Sylvia spending so much time enjoying it? She thrashed around in Sylvia's grip, but the more of her Sylvia swallowed, the harder it was to get away from her. And Sylvia was just continuing to enjoy her rear, licking over the soft, squishy flesh to savor it while it lasted.

Which, unfortunately, wasn't long. Although her hips took a bit of effort to squeeze into Sylvia's throat, the relatively small Mint posed little difficulty for the experienced predator, and it wasn't long before that tender rump was sitting in Sylvia's mouth, then squeezed in the woman's throat.

Mint's hands were tucked away, too, squeezed in alongside her body in the tight, unyielding space. She was having trouble meeting her devourer's eyes anymore, not that they were often open. She didn't know how to feel about the knowledge that Sylvia enjoyed how she tasted so much... It felt like something she should resist, and yet... there was something like pride there? She didn't have time to linger too long on this thought. All too quickly, Sylvia's lips rose up towards her face, covering over it and blotting out the light of the sun filtering in through the windows.

Complete darkness and crushing flesh surrounded Mint as Sylvia's throat carried her down to her belly. No, not complete darkness - there was some very faint red light filtering in through the walls on every side. Not enough to see by, not really - just enough to be able to recognize the boundaries of her confinement.

And to see the fluid at the bottom of Sylvia's stomach. There wasn't much of it for now, but the way it tingled where it touched her told Mint exactly what it was. She'd studied that much of human biology.

Sylvia belched softly. "Excuse me," she said, daintily dabbing at her lips. The weight of a live, wriggling meal sat pleasantly in her stomach. It was the sort of thing you might not realize how much you missed until you had it again, and the emptiness felt all the starker by comparison.

"W-Wait," Mint pleaded once she could breathe again. "You don't have to eat me, right?"

"I already have, love," Sylvia said, leaning against the counter to catch her breath. It hadn't been particularly exhausting to beat the young trainer, but the swallowing process always felt so involved, no matter how small the meal or how easily she went down.

Mint winced. "I-I know, but like, you can still let me out, right? It's not too late..."

Sylvia stood, picking up the rag she'd been wiping the kitchen down with. "Now, why would I do something like that?"

"F... For me and Yew... And because of my dream!"

The whimpering coming from her stomach didn't seem to bother Sylvia. "Yew will find another little rival in time, I'm sure. She might be angry with me for a little while, but she'll get over it." She sprayed cleaner on the stove and scrubbed at it, careful not to let her huge, squirming belly bash into the oven. She'd need to get the cabinets above the stove later - she was short, especially compared to her wife, and the stove cabinets were just much too high for her. "And your dream... Well, I can't say I mind melting away a wonderful dream like that... The sweeter the dream, the sweeter the taste, and without any extra calories - that's what I always say..."

Fluid was already beginning to run in rivulets down the sides of Sylvia's stomach, and the pool which had seemed so small before was climbing up her body at an alarming rate. "But--!"

"The only butt you have to worry about now is mine, sweetheart, and how you're going to contribute to it," Sylvia said. Although her voice was still just as soothing as before, it had a firm edge to it - a finality that allowed no argument.

The squeezing walls made Mint feel like she was perpetually losing her balance, especially as she fought to resist the effects of Sylvia's steps, and she had to keep sitting back up and throwing her arms out to try to straighten out her position. "Please? I'm- I'm not food..."

"Oh, you are cute!" Sylvia laughed, rubbing her stomach with her free hand. "Shhh, sweetheart. I'll take care of you from now on. You don't worry about a thing. Just lay back and relax, and let my tummy do the rest."

"You're not even listening to me!" Mint protested. Her long green hair was sticking to her, wet with the stomach fluids. She tried to straighten up, but it was tough to make enough room. She felt helpless without her party by her side, and she was utterly alone in here... But she wasn't going to give up just because of that! She shifted her position and kicked out as well as she could in the cramped space - and immediately regretted it. Her foot hurt from ramming into the squishy but muscular wall without shoes to protect her toes. Okay, she could work with that. She tried again, this time using her heel to push out forcefully.

Outside, Sylvia hummed along as she cleaned, noticing the sensation of Mint's struggles and the bulges it produced. "No, I'm not. Because you're wrong, little Mint - you are food. Just like your name, you're sweet and creamy and smooth, a bit cool to the tongue - my favorite flavor..."

"Rrrggh..." Mint didn't seem to be making any headway in upsetting Sylvia's stomach. And the level of fluid in the stomach was rising... even more quickly than she'd realized. It was already almost up to her chest... She felt panic and desperation rising in her throat. If she didn't get out soon...!

But the chores continued undeterred, Sylvia remaining blessedly unaware of the desperation of the meal currently sloshing around in her stomach. Once she was done and the kitchen was sparkling clean, she headed for the garden, picking up the pair of gloves she kept hanging by the door along the way. Bellossom had been waiting there for her since the battle had ended, clearly wanting to be let out - but knowing not to disturb its trainer while she was busy eating and working. "Hello, my love. Are you ready to dance in the sun while I work?"

"Breeee!" Bellossom chirped, eagerly circling around Sylvia's legs and bouncing from leaf to leaf as it waited for Sylvia to open the door.

"Oh, my! Someone has been waiting a long time, hasn't she?" Sylvia cooed, unlocking the rear door to the garden and pulling it open. "All right, then, let's go, shall we?"

Bellossom flounced outside, nestling itself into the soft soil beside the garden (an area Sylvia kept tended and weeded for it). It didn't wait for Sylvia to get down on her hands and knees before it began dancing, gazing up at the sun all the while. As it danced, its little noises of exertion formed a strange sort of song. Sylvia smiled, sitting down on her legs with her stomach in her lap and looking around. It seemed to be about time to thin the garden - seeing that some of her plants had begun to sprout and form leaves, they were now too close together. Some of the weaker seedlings were, unfortunately, going to have to go. There was only so much room and sun and water to go around - and it was better to rid the garden of the weaker, sicklier plants before their roots could grow too entwined with their neighbors than to let them go. To focus all of the resources on the healthiest plants, and give them room to thrive.

In her stomach, Mint was rapidly running out of energy to struggle with. The pool of acid was up to her neck now, surrounding her body on all sides - though, thankfully, it seemed like it wasn't filling up anymore. Sylvia resting her gut in her lap was a nice respite for Mint from the constant movement when she was cleaning the kitchen. The walls themselves were moving now, but it was slow and relaxed, like Sylvia herself. It almost felt nice, especially against Mint's skin, now sensitized from the acid. She decided to rest her head against the back of the stomach, just... catch her breath... take a moment... It was so very warm in Sylvia's stomach. But it was sort of a relief? Like... she'd not realized how cold she'd been all her life, and now she was truly warm.

"I'm gonna be an ice trainer," Mint said, raising her voice as much as she had energy to. "Then I'll beat your stupid plant..."

"Oh? Is that why you had a Delibird? You must have worked very hard to catch it," Sylvia purred, peering over the seedlings to see which she would be removing. She bent forward, carefully plucking out some of the more obviously sickly plants. "It fought very hard for you. Bellossom was almost a little worried there! You must have had such a bond! I'm sure it will be disappointed but not surprised to find out you've melted..."

Mint winced, her confines getting more cramped and forcing her to tilt her head to keep it above the acid. It wasn't all bad, though - the massage now pressed into her all over, which was soothing on her weary limbs. "It's my best Pokémon... I'm gonna save up my money and buy an Ice Beam TR, and then you'll be sorry..."

"I'm sure I would have," Sylvia cooed, rocking back to a sitting position and wrapping one arm around her stomach in a light embrace. "But there's no sense talking about that, Mint. It's too late now. You're already mine, and I'm not ever letting you go."

Mint huffed her defiance. "We'll see about that!"

"There's nothing more you can do, my sweet little Mint. You're clearly exhausted, and you have no chance of escaping me even if you weren't. Just relax and give in, let yourself be taken by my stomach's embrace."

As much as it chafed to be reminded how helpless she was, Mint couldn't deny that it was tempting to give in. She was very tired, and the stomach felt very cozy around her. But she was going to keep trying until the very end! Just like her favorite heroes on TV! "I'm just saving my energy until it's time to fight!"

Sylvia didn't answer, leaning forward and continuing to thin the garden. One sprout at a time. Her touch was delicate, not wanting to damage the little seedlings - or, importantly, their neighbors - as she pulled them out. Her wife's beloved Pidgey would surely enjoy the treats. And the seedlings that wouldn't make it in the garden would have purpose in the end, as sustenance for something greater. Two fingers' width of space around each seedling for safety... she plucked the seedlings out one by one, dropping them into her dress's pocket as she did.

"Hey, don't forget about me," Mint said weakly. "I'm still here, you know!"

The next seedling dropped into Sylvia's pocket, and Sylvia sat back onto her legs. "You are, and you will be for some time," she explained patiently. "Unlike my wife and daughter, my digestion has always been somewhat slow. Even a little meal like you will be with me at least until tomorrow morning."

"I'm not little," Mint protested. ... Was she somehow offended that Sylvia didn't consider her as filling as others?

Sylvia rubbed her stomach soothingly, focusing her attention on it. "Oh, but you are, Mint. You are so small and precious, and that's precisely why I'm so happy I get to make you mine. You're just the right size for me," she murmured. "But being little doesn't mean you aren't satisfying. You're a better lunch and dinner and breakfast tomorrow than I could have asked for. A very special treat for me to enjoy."

Mint's face went brilliantly red, and she almost covered it with her arms out of reflex. What a weird compliment! She hated it! ... But also, it was nice to hear... And hearing it, she noticed that her body felt like it was sinking into the stomach, becoming just as soft. She whimpered. "Well, I don't wanna be a treat! I wanna be the Champion!"

"It does us no good to fight the inevitable, Mint, it only tires us out and steals our happiness," Sylvia said. She resumed plucking the seedlings. "Now, rest. You fought hard and bravely, challenging me. I'm very grateful. But you don't have to fight anymore. You belong to me now."

There was, at last, blessed silence for a while as Sylvia worked. Silence but for the sound of Bellossom's grunting dances and the sound of Sylvia's burbling stomach splashing acid on its passenger.

It was folk wisdom in the region that spending a lot of time around Pokémon of a particular type would change one's physiology and personality to be similar in small, subtle ways. And though Sylvia had been a vegetarian (aside from "treats," of course) since her college days, she'd swear that her time around Bellossom had made her stomach slower, weaker, more thorough. She felt like she got more out of meals than her wife and daughter did, took longer to digest them. And - though this was just a theory, and it wasn't as if any of her "treats" knew for sure - she honestly believed that she'd begun emitting some kind of comforting pheromones inside her stomach. Just a hunch, but it seemed to line up with how her prey changed their tune by the end. Or was it just that she herself was so gentle?

She chuckled to herself, tucking the last few seedlings into her pocket. She'd never know for sure, she supposed. She reached for the hose with its watering attachment, spraying it over the plants. She splashed it over sweet little Bellossom, too, and the grass Pokémon chirped happily and extended its little limbs out toward the hose.

By the time she was done with everything she needed to do on the garden, it was near sunset, and her wife was soon to be home. Even if she wasn't going to eat any of it, her wife would surely be wanting dinner... She beckoned the sleepy Bellossom inside to rest in its pot and set to cooking, enjoying the feel of the nice clean kitchen around her and the sloshing belly stretching out her dress.

Maybe a quick and easy tofu stir fry would do - after all, she was a bit tired after her big meal and all her garden work today... she got out a pan and some utensils.

The pressure on her stomach was smoothing out, becoming even. In the hours since she'd eaten Mint, the girl was beginning to soften. Her body couldn't fight Sylvia's stomach forever, after all. Sylvia smiled to herself as she set her ingredients aside. It had been fun bantering with Mint while it lasted...

"I'm home," Ashley called, closing the door behind her and heading into the kitchen to hug her wife from behind. "Sorry, but I don't think I have the energy for anything more than a movie in tonight. Would that be okay? I was busy teaching some novice challengers today..."

Sylvia smiled, leaning back and kissing her wife on the cheek. "What a coincidence, Professor Ashley... I just finished teaching a new challenger a lesson, too."

"I'm seeing that." Ashley chuckled, stepping back and taking her lab coat off to hang it on the rack. "Oooh, smells good in here... Another trainer with a few badges looking for clout?"

"Unfortunately, little Yew's rival Mint got it in her head that she was able to take on me and Bellossom." The sizzling vegetables hissed as Sylvia pushed them around, staying attentive to her task. "So I'm afraid I'll have to break the bad news to Yew. I was hoping she'd last long enough for Yew to speak with her, but it seems she's fallen asleep already."

"I'm not asleep," a small voice said from Sylvia's stomach. It was loud enough to be heard over the sound of bubbling acid, but only just barely. "I'm still fighting... I'm not going to give up... Professor Ashley..."

Ashley squatted down to peer at the stomach. "That is Mint, isn't it? Goodness. Mint, didn't I tell you to be thoughtful and careful about who you challenged?"

"She had a grass Pokémon, and I have an ice Pokémon," Mint said, her voice weary. "I totally could have taken her, she just got lucky..."

"Now, Mint, you know I told you more than that," Ashley said, reprimand in her voice. "Types aren't everything."

But Sylvia intervened before the lecture could continue. "Ashley, the girl has already lost as a Pokémon trainer. Let her rest and enjoy her place as my meal, okay?"

"... Right," Ashley said after a moment's hesitation, relenting and standing to rub a hand over Sylvia's stomach. It sank in slightly, her wife's belly having made quick work of its occupant. "Be good in there, Mint. Goodness, she's quite far along, isn't she? How much longer do you think she'll last?"


Sylvia nodded toward the cabinet with the dinner plates. "Would you get out a plate for yourself? I won't be eating tonight. I think Mint here will keep me full at least through the night... maybe even until lunch tomorrow. Do you think you can do that for me, Mint?"

Mint was having trouble keeping her eyes open, but she was determined not to give in to Sylvia's tummy or her own exhaustion. "I... I'm not gonna give up..."

"That's the way," Sylvia cooed, pouring the stirfry into Ashley's plate. "Keep up the good work, okay?"


As the couple sat down for dinner, exchanging stories about their respective days, Sylvia's PokéGear buzzed. An incoming call from their daughter!

She set it on the table, scooting in closer to her wife to get both of them in the shot. "Hi, Yew! How is your adventure going?"

"I'm doing really good," Yew said, satisfaction in her voice. "I caught a Vulpix and taught it Ember! Next time I see Mint, she's going down! Hard! Heh heh!"

"Ah, well..." Sylvia adjusted her PokéGear's stand to aim further down, bringing her stomach into shot. "I'm sorry, love, but Mint challenged me and lost today."

"What?" Yew's disappointment was thick in her voice. "But mooooooom! She's my rival! You can't eat her, I wanted to once I became the Champion!"

Ashley leaned in. "You know, Yew, your mother has to eat any challengers who try to cause trouble with her, to make sure that she doesn't get harassed all day by people trying again and again to beat her!"

The small tablet didn't have a lot of resolution, but the way Yew's whole being sank at this. "Yeah, I know..."

"Yew, I'm not done yet," Mint called from the stomach, a fresh burst of strength filling her briefly. "Your mom's tummy can't beat me, I'm still gonna get out and kick your butt!"

"Yeah, whatever, Mint," Yew said, clearly having lost interest in their rivalry. "Mom, can I have some of her Pokémon after you're done with her?"

Somehow, this was more proof of her fate than the fact that she hadn't been able to fight Sylvia's movements for an hour or more. Mint swallowed hard. "H-Hey..."

"No, sweetheart, I told you, we can't give you special treatment," Ashley said around a mouthful of tofu. She swallowed before continuing. "I'll see about finding new homes for her Pokémon in the morning."

Yew sulked. "Boo..."

Sylvia shifted the camera back up to show their faces again. "It's okay, Yew. Since I ate your rival, I'll help you find a new one, okay? It's always good to have someone to have a friendly competition with, to help you learn and grow!"

The conversation switched then to talking about what kind of rival Yew wanted, leaving Mint alone and ignored in the stomach.

Mint sank down, her second wind deserting her. She was... she was really done for. Her Pokémon journey had ended before it'd even had a chance to begin. At her back, at her sides, the processes of digestion were comforting her.

Let her rest and enjoy her place as my meal, okay?

She sank into the embrace of the stomach, her eyes fluttering closed. Maybe... just a... little rest...


Ashley's voice stirred Mint from a deep sleep. "Hi, Scarlet. Is Iclyn there?"

Her moms... Her eyelids fluttered drowsily, closing again. From the sound of Sylvia's breathing around her, the motherly woman was asleep. She listened in on Ashley's conversation from the confines of her burbling home.

Ashley, meanwhile, idly ran her hand through her sleeping wife's hair as Scarlet answered. "Uh, soon, probably. She said she'd be home late tonight, some cleanup at the gym. What's up? Is this about Mint?"

"Yeah, it's about Mint. So sorry, but... she challenged Sylvia and lost, so..." Ashley said, pre-emptively wincing. This is why she wanted to talk to Iclyn...

Despite being merely a baker and a homemaker, Scarlet's temper was the stuff of legends. "Your wife ate my daughter? Excuse me, but where do you get off, Professor? Do you realize what a talent with Pokémon training your wife just threw away for a meal that probably won't last more than a few hours? Such an unimaginable waste. Do you realize how many of her fellow challengers Mint ate before even leaving our town? It was a lot!"

"That is... technically against the rules, there's no privileges awarded for winning battles between two challengers-" Ashley began.

But this only incensed Scarlet further. "Oh, well, I'm sure you've always followed the rules! What I'm saying is, you could have been part of the raising of one of the biggest stars in the League, and you and Sylvia threw that chance away!"

Ashley opened her mouth to respond, but the sound of Iclyn's relaxed voice told her the cavalry had arrived. The couple bickered in the background, just loudly enough for Ashley to hear.

"What's going on?"
"Sylvia ATE Mint. For losing a battle against her."
"Ooh. That's a pity. I'm not surprised, though."
"What are you talking about?! That is our daughter, who has been eating her way across the town map!"
"Yeah, her head was getting too big. I figured she'd have a rude awakening eventually, and if she picked a fight with Sylvia..."
"I can't believe you! You're taking her side! It's like you don't even believe in Mint's potential!"
"It's just how the League is, darling. Take it from me, I've 'permanently retired' plenty of trainers at my gym. I would have done it to our Mint, too, had she made it to me and lost."
"Ugh! You take the phone!"

Iclyn's voice came to the foreground as Scarlet audibly stormed off. "Hey, Ash. Sorry about that."

"It's okay. Sorry about Mint, and, um, for causing a fight between you two."

The ice-type gym leader laughed. "Don't. Scarlet's the one Mint got her ego from. She'll be fine, she's just disappointed. I know how to cool her off. Once I tell her it's time to... make a new challenger together, she'll forget all about what happened with Mint."

"Yeah, okay," Ashley said, leaning back in the bed.

"Can you put Sylvie on? I'd love to congratulate her myself. Hear how Mint did, how she tasted."

Ashley looked over at her peacefully dozing wife. "Ahhh, she's sleeping Mint off right now. I can have her call you back tomorrow after the gyms close for the night, though."

"Sounds good. No pressure, of course," Iclyn said. There was a brief silence. "Anything else? I'm going to get to bed, see if I can cool off my volcanic wife with a couple of eruptions."

"Haha, good luck." A smile came to her face. "See you later."

A click, and the line went dead. Ashley leaned back, letting her Poké Gear fall to her side and running her free hand along her wife's stomach. It was a pity Sylvia was so tired - the Professor was very much a fan of getting some action from her wife with a big belly...

She dozed off, dreaming of Yew trying the same trick and Sylvia's daughter-filled belly bouncing atop her...


Sylvia rose the next morning with the sun, taking Bellossom out to watch the sunrise with her. She stretched out on a blanket on their lawn, just savoring the morning stillness. Her stomach was smaller now - no doubt Mint was gone. It was also much noisier - proof positive that the soup that had once been Mint was being absorbed.

"Thank you, Mint, it was nice to finally treat myself after abstaining for so long," she cooed.

But Mint was not gone. Over the rhythm of slow breath and heavy heartbeats, steady sloshing and occasional gurgles that had been her lullaby the night before, she could hear Sylvia's voice. She'd completely changed her mind now - even if she could get out of this warm, gentle, cozy place, she didn't want to. She just wanted to melt away entirely... She wasn't sure if Sylvia could hear her or not, but she tried anyway - "I'm... happy..."

There it was, Sylvia thought. That final contentment and acceptance, even despite all that defiance earlier. She smiled. "Good. Now hush, my sweet meal."

By the time Sylvia finished her morning stretches and went back inside, Mint was finally all gone. Over the course of the next few hours, the Mint-slurry was absorbed, drop by drop, into Sylvia's body. Softening her pudgy tummy and thickening her powerful thighs, making her bra tighter and her cheeks rounder.

Sylvia skipped lunch that day, still full with the nutrients Mint had given her. But by the time dinner arrived, she was hungry again, and as she and Ashley sat down to share a dinner of vegetarian lasagna, she noticed her wife staring.

"She looks good on me, don't you think?" Sylvia teased.

Ashley blushed. "Oh, was I that obvious?"

"Mmm. I like it when you're obvious about me," Sylvia purred, leaning in for a kiss.

Ashley laughed against her lips. "Then I'll try to be."

As the two women sat back into their chairs and Sylvia served helpings of lasagna to each of them, her chair felt softer than it ever had. Mint's journey may have ended earlier than usual, but her legacy would last a lifetime...

... or at least until Sylvia went to another exercise class with Ashley.