Rebellious spirit NSFW

Yotsuyu bullies Yugiri. Neither is enjoying it, but also, they're both kind of enjoying it...

"I can still... fight... I can..." Yugiri struggled to lift her head from the dirty ground. Her body felt weak. Just what had been in that? Thankfully... Tala and Miah were still standing, though they looked desperate. "I can't... let it end... like this..."

"It won't do for there to be trash left on the battlefield." Yotsuyu's haughty voice. If there are any gods in the heavens, they won't let that woman's face be the last thing I see...

Yugiri slid a few steps closer to atheism as she felt Yotsuyu's claws grab her shinobi's uniform by the scruff, dragging her away from the fight, then up so she was level with the crouching Yotsuyu. "What... do you want from me?"

"To see you like this," Yotsuyu said. Her ever-present pipe was absent from her free hand. Yugiri had her full attention.

Lucky me, Yugiri groaned mentally. Aloud, she said, "I have nothing to say to you, imperial dog."

Yotsuyu smirked. That damned smirk. Yugiri had often wished to wipe it off her face. "Good. I only want to see and not hear you."

"Shut... shut up..." Yugiri grimaced, looking away. "I could say the same of you."

"I have noticed how obsessed you are with me," Yotsuyu purred. "How strange that you always seem to be in my way."

"And I always will be." Yugiri lifted her head, staring Yotsuyu in the eye. "Wherever you go, whatever you do, I'll be there to see that you fail."

"Surely Doma's most esteemed snake knows better than to chase at my heels, unless... This is what you wanted?" Yotsuyu's tongue flitted across her lips briefly. "To be here, helpless, at my feet... in my tender mercies."

Yugiri winced, turning her head away. Feeling her pulse quicken at having Yotsuyu's half-lidded eyes directly on her, that flirty flashing of her tongue... It was only going to make her bleed out the faster.

"Ahahahaha! As close to a confession as I could expect out of you, shinobi."

"If I had my way, you would be the one in my grasp, and I would not be so gentle as you might like," Yugiri spat. It was as good a cover as any for the breathing exercises she was doing to try to calm her racing heart.

A shinobi had no fear of death. But it wasn't fear Yugiri felt when she looked at Yotsuyu.

Something Yotsuyu was uncomfortably familiar with. "Hahaha. I look into your eyes expecting to see hatred, and what else do I see? Lust. As if a petite little rebellious lizard girl deserved anything more than the merciless judgment of my stomach."

"Shut up!" Yugiri felt weak. Whether that was her continued loss of blood or the fact that Yotsuyu had struck a weak point, she wasn't sure. "Shut up, gods damn you!"

"As it happens, little snake, you're in luck. I have a position open that will allow you to be at my side forevermore. Or should I say, on my sides?" Yotsuyu's breath was hot across Yugiri's face. The rivulet of blood cascading down the side of her cheek changed course in response to Yotsuyu's closeness. "Haha. All this time, all I've wanted was a taste..."

"Far be it from me to deprive you," Yugiri growled.

Unthinkingly, she surged forward, pushing her lips against Yotsuyu's. For the first time, she could see Yotsuyu's smirk disappear, her mouth opening in surprise, instead...

But all Yugiri cared about was mashing her lips against Yotsuyu's like she planned to devour the woman herself.

For her part, Yotsuyu recovered quickly, returning the sentiment in kind. Yugiri felt herself pinned down, straddled by Yotsuyu, the woman's great black cloak no protection as she brought Yugiri into it, enveloped her beneath the fabric and her gloriously warm body against Yugiri's freezing one.

Everything about Yotsuyu was disgusting. Her tender lips that slipped from her grasp as she nibbled at Yugiri's lips. Her tongue and its bitter, ashen flavor mixed with a sickly, cloying sweetness, and the way it curled and probed and tried to take claim of Yugiri's mouth. The soft, triumphant chuckles that issued from between their lips. The way her hips shifted against Yugiri's, taking advantage even here, just out of view of two of the Warriors of Light... Yugiri felt soaked in shame and revulsion.

And it made her even more desperate. Her own hips pushed up into Yotsuyu's, her tongue pushed into Yotsuyu's mouth, her body ached with a desperation she had never, ever felt, with anyone, for anyone. It was terrible.

"Ah-a~h..." Yotsuyu pulled back, staying just frustratingly out of reach. "What makes you think any part of this is for you, my little snake?" She bent in close, slowly licking up the trail of blood from Yugiri's cheek. "All this is just a prelude... until you're mine completely."

"Damn you... Damn you!" Yugiri cursed her weakness. Had she any more strength in her body, she could get up... reverse things... pin Yotsuyu beneath her and see that smirk wiped from her face one more time... "Fuck you to the depths of hell."

"Not if I fuck you there first," Yotsuyu murmured. She leapt to her feet as she heard approaching footsteps, but Yugiri was in no position to do the same.

"Yugiri! Are you well? The cavalry has arrived!" Alisaie. Hopefully she hadn't seen-"Yotsuyu! What are you doing to her?"

The girl was too young for this. Yugiri pleaded with Yotsuyu silently. Don't tell her, please...

The sole of Yotsuyu's sandal landed firmly on Yugiri's face, bloodying her nose. Yotsuyu's toes just peeked over its edge, curled at first in anger, then relaxed.

Or was it anger?

"Teaching my little snake a lesson," Yotsuyu said, her pipe suddenly in her hand again. "If you want her that badly, you can have what's left of her."

Or was it possessiveness?

"We go, Yotsuyu," Zenos said.

"Understood, my lord," Yotsuyu said, stealing one last hungry glance at Yugiri underfoot before lifting her sandal from Yugiri's face and bending her leg to inspect it.

"You soiled my shoe with your blood," Yotsuyu said, kneeling down a moment beside Yugiri. "When next I see you, I'll expect you to clean that stain off with your tongue."

Abruptly, she stood, walking away toward her boss.

When next I see you...

Even as Alisaie rushed over to tend her wounds, even as the badly injured Miah and Tala walked toward her, supporting each other on their shoulders...

That was all she could think about...