Code Mar-malade NSFW

Mari and Rose's plan to shrink their target for eating goes wrong in Rose's favor.

"Mayday, mayday! Code Orange! No... this is definitely a red. Code Red!!"

Rose lifted the radio to her mouth. "How could there be a code red? The operation hasn't even started yet!"

"That's kind of the problem! Can you just come here, please, before I get into even more trouble?"

Rose clipped the radio back to her belt, heaving a sigh. It was beginning to look like she was going to spend another night without the object of her desires.

"This operation was supposed to be foolproof," she said, running a hand through her wild hair. "You told me that we were definitely going to catch someone due to a trick up your sleeve. How did it go wrong?"

Mari's voice came from under the table. So that wasn't just a trick of the radio, it was more highly pitched. Strange. "While I was setting up that... trick... it broke open and spilled all over me."

"So, what, you're stuck? Was this some kind of glue or something?" Rose crouched down to try to see under the table.

"No, I'm not stuck! I just figured, you know, most of the people who walk by here aren't as small as you want, so what if we just cheat and-hey!"

Rose grabbed hold of Mari's wrist, pulling her out from under the table. She was a lot lighter - and her wrist a lot softer and narrower - than Rose remembered.

She looked... Well. Like a little girl wearing her mother's work clothes. The smart labcoats they'd picked out to make them look official had been small on Mari before, but now she was practically swimming in it. The wrist that Rose held had the sleeve bunched all the way up it, and the other hand was not visible underneath the swaying slack of the coat's sleeve. The hem of the coat, once barely down to her knee, now went past her feet.

Her features, too, had regressed. She pushed her glasses, now too wide for her face and giving her beetle eyes, up a nose that was no longer wide enough to hold them. Her skin was tender under Rose's fingertips - better than a thousand coats of tenderizing scrub.

"The good news is that we know this formula works," Mari continued in her squeakier voice. "The bad news is that this formula takes two days to prepare and the girl I get it from doesn't keep it in stock, she only does special orders. So... we're going to have to either catch a real one or wait until we can get a new dose. And we'll have to ask her about getting an antidote or something, I don't know how long it takes for this to wear off or if it's permanent..." Mari gave a sigh that shook her newly tiny body. "Ugh, I hate it when a good plan gets botched by a mistake!"

"Botched?" Rose said slowly, letting her fingertips brush against Mari's pudgy cheek. "No, you were right! This plan is truly foolproof... Even in a circumstance like this, it hasn't failed..."

"What are you talking about? I mean, we didn't catch-" Mari started to pull herself away, but her escape - and her sentence - were cut off when Rose pushed her down with a hand on her chest. "H-Hey..."

Rose smiled radiantly, in contrast to the ravenous look in her eyes. "Oh, it seems like it worked to me! And you don't want to have to order another potion, imagine what she'll make you do to pay for it... And you're so cute this way!"

"Rose. No. No! Wake up! Pervert Rose is taking over! H-Hey, get-" Rose had begun pulling Mari's lab coat off, revealing the loose T-shirt that was now more of a dress. Her jeans and panties were nowhere to be seen, having slid off her much smaller legs.

"There's only one Rose, really," Rose said, tossing the lab coat aside. "And she's a big pervert." Her fingers lovingly played at the hem of the shirt on Mari's thigh, before beginning to pull it up.

Mari squealed in distress. "I'm not supposed to be the target of this operation! I'm supposed to be your cohort! Get off!"

"You're going to help me with that, aren't you?" Rose's tongue ran across her lips slowly.

Mari shivered violently. As wonderful as it was to watch Pervert Rose at her best, it was an entirely different thing to be the subject of her attentions... "C-creepy..."

"I'm just getting started," Rose murmured. Drool beaded at the corner of her mouth, and she used Mari's shirt to wipe it away before tossing the shirt off to the side. "Look, just looking at you has me salivating!"

Mari's would-be response was cut off by a squeak of surprise as Rose's hands went to her chest. It was smaller even than usual like this, nearly flat, and too sensitive. Despite herself, Mari found herself shivering, and the part of her brain that shared in Pervert Rose's perversion woke up. "N-No, go back to sleep, Pervert Mari! She's going to eat us!"

"Aw, don't rush to the end like that," Rose said, tracing circles in the delicate flesh of Mari's budding chest. "I mean I am, but... I'm having fun!"

"Nnnnnn..." Mari's body was certainly enjoying the attention. She could feel her chest tingling everywhere Rose's fingertips had touched. The sensation threatened to overwhelm her good sense. She needed to be awake and aware to res-

The sensation of Rose's mouth descending on her chest, of hot breath on tender skin, of a wet tongue probing the way her fingers had, erased everything else. Her head had turned to static. She couldn't think straight. She groped for anything else, anything other than that dizzying and overwhelming feeling- Rose's weight on her legs! Pinning her down! She was trapped! She needed to get away!

That worked for all of a moment, and then Rose lifted her lips. The breath that had felt so warm before now felt like ice on her chest, and she let out an involuntary cross between a squeak and a moan at the rush of sensation.

"Mmm, creamy and just a little sweet," Rose said, wiping her mouth on the sleeve of her own lab coat. "Just the way I like it..."

"You know w-what, I can probably find you s-someone... maybe a few someones by the end of today, if you get me turned back," Mari said, trying not to let the great feeling of disappointment her body ached with show. Rose didn't need any more encouragement, and she needed to get out of here! This tiny body's messed-up desires were just going to get her digested at this rate...

"A girl in the tum is worth two in the panties," Rose murmured.

"What does that mean?!" Mari squeaked in distress. "That's not how the saying goes at all!"

Rose only grinned. "How often do I have an opportunity like this? And you're just the flavor I like..."

"Remember how we're friends and all?" Mari asked. Her small body's trembling might have been from fear, or it might have been from the anticipation of having Rose's mouth on more of her helpless body. She earnestly hoped it was the former. Did that alchemist mix an aphrodisiac in here?! "You don't really want to eat a friend, do you? It's just wrong!"

"It's so... so wrong, so off-limits, so... taboo..." Rose seemed to be in a trance.

"I should not have said that," Mari whimpered. "I should know better than to encourage you with promise of taboo..."

"You should!" Rose teased, grabbing Mari by the ankle and lifting her into the air. "Doesn't matter, though... I was going to do it anyway..."

"You're drooling," Mari whimpered. Her head spun as the blood rushed to it. She kicked in the air, hoping to dislodge herself, but that got scarier and scarier a proposition as Rose lifted her up into the air. And especially as Rose's open mouth lurked below.

Mari's heart skipped several beats. That gaping maw, that eager tongue... How many girls just her new size had she seen disappear down there, even helped push in, and now here she was, staring it down herself...

"Rose, there's no undoing this, you know!!"

Rose's answer was a perverted giggle, and then plunging Mari's head into the darkness of her mouth.

Mari's world turned into a chaotic mess of sticky saliva, Rose's hungry humming, the tight pressure of Rose's throat, her curious tongue sliding up against Mari's bare chest and making her squeal into the abyss below, hot breath washing around her, the cool air on her kicking legs, the ever tightening lips working their way up her hips --

By the time Mari was packed into Rose's tummy, she was so thoroughly disoriented that it took her a few moments to understand what the puddle of tingling liquid at the bottom of Rose's tummy was.

Rose straightened, stretched, patted her stomach. "Mmm... I love it when a plan goes well..."