Pink Light District NSFW

Author's note: This is a "ruleset" (actually just a rolling table) for determining how visits to the vore district will go. It was developed with the help of Rose and Ssubby and is based on the NCC universe, where vore is generally allowed and all digestions are final. (But time often resets.)

If you prefer, however, feel free to interpret any digestions as merely sending the victim to a reformer.

If you want to see one possible outcome here, simply read Pink Light District: Reina.

Introduction #

Most cities have a vore district, colloquially known as the pink light district - a place where lots of vore takes place. There are plenty of lovely endo strip clubs where eager and scantily clad girls will give you the time of your life, be you pred or prey. Not all of it is voluntary, or even legal, though... The underground vore restaurants claim that they choose the best of the willing prey, but you know that's not true. And not every endo club outing goes to plan...

So while the vore district is a great place to experience the pleasures of the flesh, keep your wits about you - lest you end up the pleasure of someone else's flesh!

Calculation #

To determine what happened during your night in the vore district, calculate your preyishness and then roll 1d20.

Your preyishness is a number generated by rolling 1d6 and adding a modifier based on your pred skill:

On a natural 1, or if the result is less than (not equal to) your preyishness, you got a result of disaster. Refer to the Disaster section below.

Otherwise, you made it to your destination. Refer to the results below to see which outcome you got there.

Disaster #

On a result of disaster, you didn't make it to your destination safely. Roll 1d6 to determine your fate:

  1. You were kidnapped and taken to the kitchen of an underground vore restaurant, where you'll be stripped, bound up with easily digestible rope, and eaten by local rich girls - or one of your fellow tourists. If someone else goes to a restaurant, you're offered to them on the menu.

  2. A tourist mistakes you for one of the so-called "street food" who dress provocatively and seek to be eaten in the pink light district and swallows you.

  3. You're kidnapped and brought to a sensual endo club, where you're told you can dress provocatively and prey-dom your way into the clients' guts to their satisfaction... or you can be the practice meat for one of the pred workers. Your choice. If you choose the former and someone else goes to an endo club looking for a temporary meal, you're it.

  4. You linger too long in front of what you don't realize is an underground vore restaurant, where you're pulled in, dressed as a waitress, and told to get to work - they're short handed tonight. If someone else goes to a restaurant, you're their server.

  5. One of the "street food" mistakes you for competition and thinks she'll have a better chance if you're out of the way and grabs you to swallow you whole. You have a decent chance of turning things around on her, but her "server" is going to be helping her, which makes things more difficult...

  6. You were grabbed and hauled into the back room of a sleazy endo club. You might actually make it out of here if you put on the skimpy costume and please the clientele with artful application of tongue, throat, and hands. If someone else goes to an endo club and tries to be swallowed, you're chosen to serve them. Remember, you don't get paid if they don't walk out!

Vore Restaurant #

Vore restaurants are secretive, expensive places where artfully prepared prey can be yours. They're questionably legal, especially given that it's an open secret that most of their prey are not there by choice. But most cities don't actively try to shut them down as long as they keep the advertising - and "disappearances" - to a minimum, to the point where the average citizen doesn't know that they exist. After all, the rich and powerful are frequent guests...

If you were going to a vore restaurant:

Endo Club #

A cross between a restaurant and a strip club, these clubs feature prey and preds in sexy costumes. There are some submissives, but most people go to an endo club for the sensual experience, with the dominant pred (or prey!) leading it. Instead of look-but-don't-touch, though, it's swallow-but-don't-digest. These clubs have plenty of stomach fresheners and antacids on hand always, and they frown heavily on digestion - both by their clientele and their employees. Doesn't mean it doesn't happen, though...

If you were going to an endo club as a pred:

If you were going to an endo club as a prey:

Street Food #

Of course, sometimes fancy establishments are just too much. Sometimes you just want to grab a meal the way you would any other day. That's why willing - and, sometimes, coerced - girls are just out and about on the streets, looking for the girl who's going to take them home for good. Many of these girls are watched over by "servers," who ensure that the preds who grab them use them for food and nothing else, and that they don't go to waste. Other than literally, of course.

If you were looking to eat some street food:

If you were looking to become some street food:

Vore Toy Shops #

Every hobby has its paraphernalia, and digesting other human beings alive can be called a hobby, I suppose. These stores carry antacids and stomach fresheners for safety, of course, but also things like books of techniques to enrich your (or your partner's) experience, easy-snap chokers for preds who don't have the throat strength, digestible clothes, food-safe collars and leashes, and hypnosis and sedation kits (supposedly for self use only, but...) among many other wonders.

Sightseeing #

Okay, the vore district is not a good place to people watch. Well, it's not a safe place to do it, anyway. It's plenty entertaining, going around to the various places and peeking inside, looking through windows and popping into places, seeing the way people behave out there. And there are plenty of good bars and (normal) restaurants to eat and drink at while you do it. That doesn't mean that you won't have to deal with the people whose stomach is bigger than your eyes, though...

Passing Through #

Not everyone is in the vore district to be in the vore district. Some people are just passing through. And like everyone else in the vore district, they have a chance of passing through someone else's digestive tract...